Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"Less Than Loving?"

Obama has expressed his “concern” about the “less than loving” things Christians have said lately. What? I don't even know at this time, the context in which he said it. I came in on the tail end of a conversation on “Outnumbered,” on Fox. But I think he's stupid for even making such a statement, considering what Christians have had to put up with lately at the hands of Muslims. What about Muslims? He never says such a thing when Muslims murder and maim people, beheading adults, male and female, and even CHILDREN after raping their mothers (and sometimes their fathers) in front of them.

COP KILLING: It seems like their prediction is coming true. The media is concentrating on cops shooting citizens while ignoring citizens (criminals) shooting cops, both of which have increased in frequency lately. They weren't a major problem previous to Ferguson, but seem to be, now. This is not to say that the cop in North Charleson, SC was right in killing an unarmed man who was running from him, putting FIVE rounds in his BACK, then “planting” his stun gun on the body to bolster his story about the man trying to take it, which was NOT an excuse (even if true) for shooting and killing him from that far away—and from BEHIND. Nothing but anger accounts for it, and it WAS murder. I not only don't condone it, I think he should be treated like the criminal he is, including execution, if necessary.

BABES IN BIKINIS: I get real tired about “babes in bikinis” being used to illustrate and get attention for subjects that have nothing to DO with them. Such as the one now being run concerning a “new law in Colorado” showing a beautiful babe in a pink bikini being handcuffed by a cop with her arms held back behind her, making her breasts push out forward. I know sex sells, and I enjoy looking at beautiful women like any other guy. But they should limit it to stories ABOUT “babes in bikinis.” Just as Fox's “Outnumbered” should be renamed, “Legs,” which is all I see when they do their numerous “long shots” showing all those beautiful legs poking out from under their “oh, so short, tight skirts,”

YOU CAN'T ARGUE WITH LIBERALS: Their ideas are “set in stone,” no matter how ignorant and stupid they are. They have learned how to twist ANYTHING you say to their advantage—at least for the first 30 seconds. After that, they resort to name-calling: racist, homophobe, Islamaphobe, etc. At that time you know you've won. They start name-calling when you've “scored” with your latest point, and even THEY cannot turn it to their advantage, so out come the insults.

LESS THAN LOVING CHRISTIANS”: Obama recently expressed his “concern” about that without going into detail (as do most liberals). I don't know what the hell he's talking about with Christians being MURDERED all over the world by Islamic terrorists, whom he NEVER criticizes by name. It's as if ISLAMIC terrorists do not exist, in his mind Why should Christians be “loving” for those people? I say kill them ALL as soon as they reveal themselves. That's all they understand.

LIBERALS NOT RATIONAL: They deny even the EXISTENCE of logic so they don't have to BE logical. That's like subjectivists claiming "there are NO absolutes" by using a STATEMENT of an absolute (there are "absolutely" no absolutes). Which is why they can't marshal any REAL argument against ANYTHING we say, so they don't even try. When they run out of arguments, they just insult us. That's why it's so easy to WIN an argument with them, even if they'll never ADMIT you have won.

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