Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Time for A Woman President?"

That's a question continually asked by Hillary Clinton, like if the answer is “yes,” it means we should elect HER. She couldn't be more WRONG. But she should be used to that, she has been wrong on so many occasions. But my answer is, “Yes, but NOT YOU!” Condoleeza Rice or Sarah Palin, maybe, but NOT HILLARY! Hillary should never be president. First of all, she's incompetent, having “screwed up” everything she has ever tried. Second, she's a dedicated SOCIALIST, and we've had enough of that, from Obama. She's an elitist, as is Obama, and thinks she's above the law. She isn't, but she'll never know that. It's part of her INCOMPETENCE.

SHOULDA BLAMED BUSH MORE”: What a STUPID crack THAT is! How do you do ANYTHING more than 100%? The only thing he ever blamed for anything other than Bush was RACISM, which does NOT exist. At least, not to the extent he imagines. And racism is no more responsible for Obama's mistakes than is Bush. Obama's big problem is he's INCAPABLE of accepting blame for his own mistakes. He's ALWAYS got to have a “whipping boy” to blame things on, and Bush is the only human being he steadfastly and routinely blames FALSELY for his own mistakes. But then we know Obama is PRONE to making false remarks.

NO CRITICIZING DEMOCRATS: That's what Democrats tell you, anyway. And. Like with anything ELSE a Democrat tells me, I disregard it, because it can only be a self-serving LIE. They want us to THINK that criticism of Democrats will frighten the Independents. I'm an Independent, and it doesn't frighten ME! It's simply a ploy to reduce or eliminate criticism of Democrats. You'll notice Democrats don't hesitate to criticize REPUBLICANS. Democrats are NOT interested in helping people vote for Republicans. They want everybody they meet to wind up voting Democrat. So they're not going to help people vote Republican, which makes advice like this suspect. Unfortunately, too many people who pay no attention to politics BELIEVE them.

HILLARY, LIKE IT OR NOT: That's what the Democrats say. They're going to run Hillary for president in 2015, "whether we like it or not." They'll steal votes, stuff ballot boxes, have people who are DEAD or alive vote several times, and use every nasty trick in the book to make sure “the fix is in” because it is “her turn.” She “stepped aside” in 2008 so a little-known newcomer could be elected and take over the government and act like a dictator, They PROMISED her one term as Secretary of State during his presidency, then the presidency in 2015—and they're going to give it to her, come hell or high water. And that's what it's going to take.

ANTI US SENTIMENT IN IRAN: That presents a “challenge” to a nuclear deal, says the news media. Ya think? And why is that? Years and years of conditioning by the mullahs and their puppets, the politicians, just COULD be the reason. But who cares what the reason is? It's the “rampant anti-US sentiment" among the Iran LEADERS that is making a deal “a challenge.” Especially since they never intended to make such a deal, and the whole “dog and pony show” is being held so Iran can “get better” financially by having the “sanctions” on commerce lifted, which they are insisting on, That's ALL them, BEFORE any deal is to be reached, whatever it is.

NOT ENOUGH EXPERIENCE”: That's what Democrats say about Rubio. Strange, that's what Republicans said about Obama in 2008, but he got elected, anyway. He proved them right by all the big mistakes he made in the first four years of his administration. But, again, he got RE-elected (the fix was in) and is in the process of proving them right, AGAIN as he continues his diligent work to DESTROY this country and help the Islamic terrorists and the socialists win. Fact is, there have been FEW presidents elected who HAD the kind of experience needed for a chief executive. They ALL “learn on the job”--or don't. Obama is one who did NOT, and WILL not, because he's too arrogant to understand that he has failed, and WHERE he has failed, numerous times..

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