Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Have You Noticed?

Hillary never answers your questions when you ask her (or her henchmen) about one of her many scandals? She never even TRIES to deny anything. She just attacks the accuser, intimating he/she has an “ulterior motive” in making the accusations. It works, mostly. People immediately go into “defensive mode,” denying they have any such notions. And mostly, people forget that she never answered the questions. It's a good scam—until people begin to catch on.

ARE ALL NOBEL WINNERS THIS STUPID? Writer Toni Morrison, a Nobel Prize Winner, said the other day, “I want to see a white cop shoot an unarmed WHITE teenager.” What a really STUPID and RACIST thing to want! And we've seen worse: a BLACK cop shooting an unarmed WHITE teenager. And even worse than that. In fact, just about every day a black teenager shoots and kills a cop! Which is what makes cops a little quicker to shoot back. But people like Toni don't even even NOTICE that. All they notice is what advances THEIR agenda. She's OFF my list of writers whose books I read, forever. And good riddance!

NOT FOR THE GANDER: That's a headline I've had to use more often than I wanted lately. It refers to something that's “good for the goose, but not for the gander.” Washington “authorities”: are “looking into” a picture of two REPUBLICAN representatives holding an INOPERABLE AR-15 in a government office for a demonstration. But where were those “authorities” when DEMOCRAT Senator Diane Feinstein waved around a LOADED automatic weapon in a crowded room? With her finger on the trigger? “A DEMOCRAT? That's different,” of course.

SARAH CAN: I just saw a new poll out, asking if any of the Republicans can beat Hillary? My answer is, “ANY of them.” But the best one is not even on their list. Sarah Palin could beat ANY Democrat AND any Republican—which is why members BOTH PARTIES cooperated in discrediting her so that even my doctor, a solid conservative, thinks she couldn't be elected. If miracles happen and she actually got on the ballot, they'd ridicule her while she beat the pants off them!

I WOULD ATTEND”: First Rubio, and now Rick Perry, have said they probably “would attend a gay wedding.” I don't know how, since there ISN'T such a thing. The DEFINITION of “marriage” is two people, of DIFFERENT SEXES, getting married. I might attend something similar—as long as they did not use the WORD, “marriage.” But that's not what they want. They want to change the MEANING of the WORD “marriage,” and I'm dead set AGAINST that. So jail me. I have nothing against what gays do in their bedrooms, but don't call it MARRIAGE.

DON'T MESS WITH GRANDMA: I just caught a story about a “grandma” who. When threatened by a man with a gun, took it away from him, stuck it in his nose, and told him to “back off or I'll blow your head off.” Since his own gun was shoved up his nose, his eyes widened, and he “ran away” from this “little old lady.” Which proves that even a “little old lady” with a gun in her hand can scare the brown out of a thug.

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