Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Exercise Restraint"

Which means, do nothing! Now we know why the governor of Maryland waited so long before sending in the National Guard. Obama advised him against it in the early going (To do so would ruin his plans to advance his agenda, which is a black against whites race war). Apparently Obama wanted it to get a lot worse before sending in the Guard—and it did, quickly. He's probably angry that the gov DID finally send them in because nobody has yet (to our knowledge) been killed in the riots. Talk about “working behind the scenes!”

THE SUCKER WITH THE MEGAPHONE! Get him. If he's out there screaming at the crowd through a megaphone, you KNOW he's one of those “whipping up” the crowd to do their dirty work. The cops need to “scoop up” all the guys like this and charge them with “inciting to riot,” which is what they're doing. And I'll bet most of them are NOT from Baltimore, as most of those in Ferguson weren't from there, either. They're simply “trouble-makers” who rush to places like this and need to be imprisoned for a long time.

APOLOGY UNNECESSARY: The mayor of Baltimore has apologized for calling the looters “thugs.” Why is that? They ARE thugs. They do things like set drug stores on fire so they can loot them easier and steal their drugs, then they cut the fire hoses to make it harder to fight the fire. They smash their way into other stores and steal all they can, using the “honest protesters” as cover for their thuggery. If anybody objects, these thugs beat them up, and maybe kill them, That they haven't killed anybody yet doesn't mean they won't. Why apologize? That's STUPID. But then, she's a liberal, so we expect that of her.

GOP STABS US: Where? In the back, of course! They COULD have defeated the vote on Lynch for AG at several points, but McConnell fiddled with the rules on several occasions while many of the Senators who had pledged to vote against Lynch (and DID, in a vote that didn't count for anything) flipped and voted FOR her. I don't know who got to him, but it's so obvious that SOMEBODY did, it isn't even funny. But if the anti-gun fools think they've won by what they did here, they're WRONG. This is ONE BATTLE in an ongoing war in which WE have won most of the battles and will continue to do so.

UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACT: If the Supreme Court rules that gay marriage is a constitutional right—which it is NOT, any church that refuses to marry two people of the same sex stands to lose their tax exempt status, which is a violation of the law in itself. The government cannot take their tax exempt status away without just cause, and a WRONG Supreme Court “ruling” does not create “just cause.” The Supreme Court is there to INTERPRET the Constitution, not to CHANGE it, as they did in “Roe vs. Wade,” which caused the MURDER OF countless helpless infants. This is all part of Obama's “war on Christianity.” Gay marriage is not mentioned ANYWHERE in the Constitution.

MORE GUN CONTROL!” That's what the Baltimore mayor is calling for. It's almost like all her problems are caused by holders of LEGAL guns. Like crooks and gang members will OBEY the new “gun control laws” she wishes for. I got a clue for ya, mayor: it ain't agonna work! It hasn't, up to now, and it won't in the future. I really don't know why liberals insist on doing the same things over and over when they don't work. Oh. We're supposed to look at their INTENTIONS, not the results! Results be damned! We CARE!

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