Monday, April 20, 2015

Right to Live Comfortably

That seems to be the litany screamed by those people with NO skills who DEMAND more money than they're worth for doing a job that doesn't even make the employer that much money. I fail to find ANYTHING in the Constitution to say a “comfortable living” is a RIGHT for people with NO skills.Yes, the employers make millions in the aggregate. But at CURRENT wage levels employee wages are a large part of their “payout.” At TWICE that, they could not afford to pay people to flip burgers and place lettuce on sandwiches To be forced to pay that much would force them to work harder to do it WITHOUT human employment, or go out of business because they COULDN'T charge enough to make it pay. Which would cost many unskilled BEGINNERS their jobs.

NOT GOOD FOR THE GANDER: You'd think if “Common Core” was good for all American citizens, it would be good for Obama's kids, too, wouldn't you? Not even! They go to the “Sidwell Friends” school (a private school that doesn't give those tests) and are happily able to escape that silliness. And that's not the only thing Obama forces us to endure, but makes him and his family exempt from. One of those things is Obamacare, and I won't go into all those things because I don't have enough room here. I'd still be typing for days.

INCOME INEQUALITY: I've been hearing a lot about that lately, mostly from Democrats (I don't know why they don't change their name to “Socialist Party”), and it's not surprising. It's SOCIALIST term to mean STEALING from those who CAN earn a lot and GIVING that stolen to those who CAN'T earn a lot on their own. Income equality is dependent upon EARNING ABILITY. Those who are not CAPABLE of earning more, will not—unless liberals (socialists) STEAL from those who CAN and give it to them. Apparently, income FAIRNESS doesn't mean a lot to this crowd.

SUICIDE BY COP: That's what one man tried in Denver the other night. They stopped him for something and, reaching into his pocket where he had a pellet gun, said, “I have a gun.” So they shot him dead. Or did they? They shot him with a stun gun and took him into custody. That pretty much puts the lie to those who say the cops take ANY excuse to kill people, doesn't it? I think “suicide by cop” was on this guy's mind, and his scheme didn't work because cops AREN'T “trigger happy” as activists say they are.  He's lucky to be alive.

SHE CAN'T BE “NORMAL”: Hillary wants us to think she's “jes' folks,” and a simple, “normal American,” but somehow, she just can't pull it off. Normal people can't get $300.000.00 for a single speech, or a multi-million dollar advance to write a book nobody wants to read, or buy. “Jes' folks” can't afford a multi-million dollar mansion in Chappaqua, NY, or ride around with a multi car parade and park in handicapped zones with cops right there, in her “entourage,” without getting a ticket, fergawdsakes! And we can't afford to hire people to carry our guns for us as she does, while supporting legislation to keep us from having our own guns. She's becoming a joke, and the joke's on us.

OBAMA SOLD AMERICA'S GOLD? Officials at Ft. Knox, where our gold reserves are (supposed to be) stored, REFUSE to allow an audit to see if it's still there. Why? And under what law do they get to refuse an audit of what they're supposed to be keeping safe? If he HAS sold our gold, we don't need to impeach him. Just arrest him for burglary and theft. God knows, he's stolen enough of our money, otherwise. But if this is true, he's a DIRECT thief and should be in PRISON! There can BE no law that DISALLOWS us from checking to see if they are, in fact, keeping our gold safe, or have stolen it. And the more they try, the more convinced I become there is no gold left. Not that anybody will ever LISTEN to me. I'm just an American citizen. I don't count.

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