Friday, April 3, 2015

"Hurtful Words"

Muslims talk a lot about the “hurtful words” that are spoken about the atrocities committed by Muslims all over the world, but they never mention the “hurtful and THREATENING” words that are spoken BY Muslims, who have promised to “raise their flag over the White House" and “bring Sharia Law” to the United States, which threatens our very EXISTENCE. They'll call what I write here “hurtful words.” That's what they always call it when people tell the TRUTH about them. And they never talk about the MURDEROUS actions Muslims take to EARN those “hurtful words.”

PUSHING RACISM: Liberals are pushing racism for all it's worth. They're doing everything they can to create the ILLUSION that racism is rampant in America. They proclaim everything they can think of as racism, and even say people are racist and don't even KNOW it. They call just using the WORD black racism. One black politician called an 18-month-old BABY racist because she took one look at her and started crying. Never mind some babies react that way at meeting new people REGARDLESS of their race. They twist things way out of shape so they can claim racism. That's outside of their tendency to call ANYTHING that opposes Obama and his henchmen racism. The racism claim is a TOOL to be used to stop ANY criticism of what liberals (especially Obama) do without the necessity of ANSWERING the charges made.

STAY AWAY FROM SOCIAL ISSUES: That's what liberals (Democrats) are telling us. So they can continue to push THEIR social issues without opposition. I'm getting very TIRED of being told what I MUST vote for and what I CAN'T vote for in order to win. Basically, what they're telling me is their issues are “right,” and everybody agrees with them, so don't bother to oppose them—you'll lose. Which is a big pile of smelly brown stuff that needs to be cleaned up. Tell them to put that brown stuff back where it came from. I'll vote according to MY political opinions, not theirs.

DOG AND PONY SHOWS” Politicians give us all sorts of inane and unnecessary things to argue about so we'll be diverted from keeping track of how they're screwing us all over the place. They're giving us all kinds of “bread and circuses” to keep our minds occupied and OFF what they're doing to us. Just the other day I had a tendentious exchange with a woman whose opinions I USED to respect on this very subject when she posted something about the color of a new “flesh colored bra.” Complaining about the color of that bra is exactly what politicians want us to argue over. I think she "unfriended" me. I haven't seen her name on Facebook since. They PROMOTE that sort of thing.

TELL US WHAT WE DON'T KNOW: An “expert” on Mideast Security says the Iran deal is a sham. No kidding. We already know that, but Obama is operating as if it were real. He wants to convince those who pay no real attention to politics it is. But it isn't. All it is, is a “dog and pony show” put on the fool us. And it HAS fooled those who pay no attention. But those of us why pay attention know better. First of all, Iran is the biggest state SUPPORTER of Islamic terrorism in the world. Islam tells Muslims it's OKAY to LIE in support of Islam and Iran is doing just that—and will continue to do that, as long as we “buy” their bullcrap. The longer they can keep us “talking,” the more progress they can make in their nuclear program.

HOMOSEXUAL THUGGERY: Gays (and the liberal media) go out and CANVAS businesses, asking them if they will provide services for a gay wedding. Those who won't are hard to find, but if they can TRICK somebody into SAYING they won't, even if it's a low-level employee giving her own personal opinion, which is NOT the policy of his employer (as the media did in the South Bend, Indiana area), then they “pull out all the stops,” including their phony “Tweets.” hoping to run them out of business. But the backlash has begun, with thousands of good people donating money to help those people stay in business. That South Bend area pizza shop has had $125,000.00 raised in their favor (one source says $500,000). Which the gays don't like, a bit.

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