Monday, April 27, 2015

"Climate Change Worst Threat"

It really amazes me the lies Obama wants us to believe! “Climate Change is the worst threat we face today?” Gimme a BREAK! I'll bet he believes in the Easter Bunny, too! That swindle has been DISCREDITED “six ways to Sunday so many times it is now the source of many “funny lines” to comedians! Never mind the Islamic terrorists who are roaming the world (mostly in the Middle East, so far) killing everybody who doesn't follow Allah the exact way they do and are spreading like wildfire. So ONE DEGREE increase in temperature in 100 years is worse, huh? How STUPID is Obama?

WAR ON CHRISTIANITY? Absolutely. Even if Obama denies it. But he's a LIAR, so who believes him? Wouldn't BANNING symbols of Christianity in Christian chapels on VA property so as not to “offend” Muslims, who are “offended” by everything, qualify? (Don't believe it? Google it!) I wonder what would happen if he asked Muslims to reciprocate in Mosques? We need to GET RID OF Obama before he “gives away the store” if he hasn't already. If this were the only evidence of this “war on Christianity,”: we might be okay. But there are actions taking place all over the country working toward these ends to convince us.

WHO MADE IT BIGOTRY? When gays run across somebody who thinks gay marriage is silly, they immediately call them “bigots.” But who gets to say what is bigotry or just a difference of opinion? Hating blacks IS bigotry because blacks can't change the color of their skin. But gays CAN change their ways. This is not to say I think their “ways” are bad. They are a CHOICE, which is not true of blacks. Gays making a contract between themselves LIKE marriage is okay by me, if they needed my permission. But usurping the WORD “marriage,” which seems to be what they really want, is NOT.

TRYING TO PISS PEOPLE OFF: That seems to be what Rosie O'Donnell wants to do. Which is why everything she does seems to do that. She is a BIG anti-gun FOOL who hires gun-toting thugs to protect the children she had to adopt because she's gay and can't get pregnant through sex with women. Every time I hear about her she's doing something to piss people off. And she's succeeding. Now she has had an ISIS tattoo put on her body. Maybe she should go to the Middle East to be with the people she seems to like. But she'd better be ready to be KILLED if she does something THERE to piss THEM off.

POLITICALLY CLUELESS”: Democrat spokesman James Carville must be getting fed up with the stupid things Democrats do. He now says “80% of Democrats are politically clueless.” And he's right. They ARE “clueless, or they wouldn't be Democrats. One of their base beliefs is that RESULTS mean nothing; it's their INTENTIONS that count. So no RESULTS means nothing if they had “good intentions.” That's an easy way out of it when people point out that their policies accomplish NOTHING. Carville has been clueless most of his life. That's why he's a Democrat.

OBAMA'S TERRORIST RELOCATION PROGRAM: Obama is “relocating” 100,000 Muslims to neighborhoods near you, against your will. And he's paying for it with YOUR money. And he's not even letting the people who decide WHICH “refugees (a/k/a “terrorists”) ASK anything about their political philosophy. So Islamic terrorists can move here and set up their “cells” on OUR NICKLE and get ready to kill more Americans with Obama's blessing.

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