Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Doing What They're Supposed to Do

Republicans, newly elected in Maryland, are actually DOING what they were elected to do—oppose the crappy actions of Democrats. Unlike what the GOP fools in DC are doing, still letting Obama “run roughshod” over them. They're promoting PRO-gun efforts and sponsoring efforts to overturn the “tight” anti-gun laws now in effect. Laws that do nothing to stem “gun violence,” but DO do a lot to INCREASE it by DISARMING honest citizens so as to make them UNARMED VICTIMS of criminals, who don't OBEY laws, anyway.

ANOTHER NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN: Neville Chamberlain went down as one of the most gullible politicians in history—until Obama came along and got his “agreement” with Iran that GUARANTEES them their nuclear capability in ten years. It's “history repeating itself,” and Obama has no idea it's happening, and won't, until people are KILLED by nuclear bombs on one side or the other in a war between Iran and Israel. My question is this: “What makes Obama, or ANYBODY think Israel won't make a “preemptive strike” against Iranwith THEIR nuclear capability BEFORE Iran can get their bomb?” I sure would, if I were the Israel government. And how many people, on both sides, AND in the neighborhood, will die, too?

IRANIANS ARE SINCERE”: And Netanyahu should “contain himself” (Not if he, and Israel wish to stay alive). So sayeth Senator Feinstein, who has proven her ignorance and stupidity on many occasions in the past, rushes to do so yet again. ANYBODY with any amount of INTELLIGENCE knows that Iran is just “playing a game” so it can finish its effort to get a nuclear capability and “push Israel into the sea.” In that, they ARE “sincere.” In coming to ANY kind of “agreement” with America they are NOT. And Feinstein has again shown she is not qualified to BE a Senator because she is STUPID. But then, intelligent people knew that.

WHY DID HE DO IT? Why did Obama release FIVE top-level al-Qaida commanders for ONE now known deserter? Why give up FIVE terrorists for ONE soldier, anyway? Actually, the diversity in numbers is completely unimportant. Obama wanted to get FIVE of their top men “back in the fray” and he didn't care WHO he got in return. So he traded them for ONE soldier who HAPPENED to be a deserter. Getting those top commanders free was what was important, to Obama. He didn't care who he got in return, or IF he got ANYBODY in return. He would have just released those men without getting ANYTHING in return if he thought he could get away with it.

GOP “UNDERMINING” OBAMA? Yes! Absolutely! That's their JOB! Whoever said this, says it as if it is somehow a CRIME to try and undermine Obama. It is NOT. It is the whole PURPOSE of the opposing party to undermine the other. That's the way this country was DESIGNED! So what the hell's the PROBLEM? Damn, those liberals are getting cocky! I guess that comes from their cons being as succesful as they have been in the last fifty years or so. But it's not going to last, and I can PREDICT that. They've gotten so arrogant and confident they can get away with ANYTHING that the people are getting disgusted with them and are about to “slap them down.”.

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