Saturday, April 4, 2015

Nobel fror Kerry?

Why not? They gave Obama one for NOTHING, as soon as he became president. Talk about butt-kissing! The Nobel Prize means NOTHING any more when you look at the people they've given them to. I think they gave one to, uh, Putin—and another to Gorbachev, and Stalin. They'll probably give on (posthumously) to bin Laden, terrorist who sponsored bringing down the world Trade Center, too. So why not give one to Kerry? Leftist fools think it still means something, and that's the people Kerry and Obama want to appeal to. And, like Obama, he hasn't done anything to merit one, even now, when it means NOTHING. So give him one, already!

BLACK VS. WHITE RACISM: A Reuters professor says “The right's God is an 'a—hole' of white supremacy. Of course, this professor is black. This is an excellent example of the “new racism.” Hatred of white people for BEING white, by black people. They think they're SOOOO right. Couple that foolishness with the “war on cops” that claims cops are shooting UNARMED black folks with abandon (which is false), pushing a wish to kill all cops, and you have an “Obama-whipped-up” swindle to start a race war that is succeeding. The “tighter” laws and regulations will soon follow. Count on it, after a few cops are killed and they respond by killing some blacks who are trying to kill THEM and, like in Ferguson, MO, the facts are sufficiently twisted. That's what his swindle is all about.

IT'S NO BIG DEAL” So sayeth Clinton's former secretary of labor, Robert Reich, still displaying his complete ignorance, arrogance, and incompetence. He's a “small man,” in more ways than one. He thinks what our worry about in Americans “going over” to ISIS (and like outfits) has something to do with LABOR. It doesn't. It has to do with ordinary Americans BUYING the bullsh-t Islamic terrorists put out, and who go over to be trained to do some killing, only to return and do some killing of innocents themselves, using their American passports for travel. He says further that, since there's only about 400,000 of them doing it, THAT'S “nothing to worry about.” 400,000 more terrorists beheading CHILDREN? I'd say THAT'S something to worry about!

93 MILLION NOT IN LABOR FORCE: Did you know that 93 MILLION Americans have given up on ever finding a job again and have stopped looking? When they do, Obama stops counting them and the percentage of unemployed IN the labor force goes down. Obama then uses that to keep his phony unemployment numbers down. That's how he “fiddles the numbers” in this case. He fiddles them in other ways in other cases. Like “baseline budgeting” where all agencies get an AUTOMATIC 10% INCREASE every year. So if that gets REDUCED to, say, 7%, they can scream there's a 3% CUT when there is a 7% INCREASE. Typical government tomfoolery.

SHEEP TO THE SLAUGHTER: I've noticed one thing about all the massacres of Christians by Muslims. That is that the Christians don't fight back. In fact, they're usually  not even armed. This is WRONG. I know there are many Christians who follow that “turn the other cheek” crap, and would not go armed at all, even if they die because of it. I think, like in Israel, where they have no such mass executions of Jews by Muslims because there, everybody is armed, they NEED to arm themselves and start killing Muslims at the first hint of an attack. And take NO prisoners. Kill every one of them who come in armed, and chase down those who run, which will be most of them, if they meet ANY opposition because they're COWARDS. Kill them ALL with shots in places that GUARANTEE a long, painful death.

ISIS IS UNBEATABLE: That's what Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi says. He says that is they keep recruiting foreign fighters they can't beat them, Iraqis “run away” when Iraqi cops come, but foreign recruits won't, so there's no way they can be beaten. That may be true if the people with the responsibility to beat them are cowards, afraid to chase them. Of course, at the same time, al-Abadi doesn't want REAL soldiers (from America) in his country, which tells me he likes it the way it is. And he's only using the idea of “no running away” as an excuse not to do anything.

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