Monday, April 6, 2015

Assassination of Obama?

The question is being asked around about “Who would 'celebrate' the assassination of Obama?” I'm not into assassinations, especially with “Ol' Joe” standing in the wings. I would not celebrate it because I don't think assassination is the answer to anything. But sometimes I wonder if that would not be the ONLY answer to making Obama's efforts to make us into a socialist, Muslim-run nation come to a screeching halt. I fear there are some people who think the same who are WILLING to do so. I hope not, for it would not solve anything and ruin any program conservatives may have to save this nation..

IS MICHELLE INSANE? Or is she just so much of an elitist that she thinks poor people are all “mentally ill?” A woman came up to her in a “big box store” and asked for help to get something down from a high shelf. She immediately labeled this woman as racist for ASSUMING she worked there. I say SHE is racist for assuming her RACE made anybody assume she did honest work instead of being “kept” by the federal government. She thinks poor people are “mentally unstable” because they have to “deal with the stress of not having enough money to get by” which is not true for people willing to WORK. Of course, SHE doesn't have to work. She lives in a big WHITE House, surrounded by many guards (white and black) to keep her safe. She rakes million dollar vacations at someone else's expense. What does she know about “poor people?”

FLAG CAN'T BE DISPLAYED: Portsmouth, VA Sheriff Bill Watson has been told that the American Flag, given him by firefighters, cannot be displayed, “Because it might be offensive to someone.” Since when is the United States Flag “offensive to ANYONE? It's interesting that, in the “land of the free and the home of the brave” the American Flag can be viewed as offensive or outrageous. Whatever politician or bureaucrat made this decision should be immediately removed from office for STUPIDITY. I'd guarantee you this would not happen with the MEXICAN Flag in Mexico, and to suggest it would be the death of you.

HILLARY IS A CRIMINAL: Congress demanded all e-mails from her tenure as Secretary of State and she “dutifully” turned over more than 50,000 e-mails she CLAIMED were all those demanded. Then she hurriedly DELETED all the rest, saying they were “of a personal nature.” Yeah, right! Now why would she do that unless those 50,000 e-mails were NOT the only “:work-related” e-mails on her PERSONAL AND PRIVATE SERVER? Why were they on a personal and private server, anyway? Unless it was so she could do exactly what she did? I think what is in those e-mails she deleted incriminated her in some way, and there is NO WAY she was going to let Congress see them. What she did violates the law, and she should be prosecuted—not “politely asked” to appear before Congress for a “friendly discussion” behind closed doors. She should be JAILED for contempt of Congress.

REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH: Is a CRIME. The CRIME OF theft. Stealing that EARNED by one person and “sharing it” between those who did NOT earn it. If I did it, the cops would be on me in a second. They'd put me in prison for a crime. And that would be proper. But if the GOVERNMENT does it, they are LAUDED. They give it fancy names like “socialism.” But it's still THEFT from the EARNER to benefit the MOOCHERS of society. Those of you who think it's okay if the government does it, think again! It is still theft. And if you receive benefit from it, you are guilty of “receiving stolen property.” Get USED to it!

HILLARY COULD DO BETTER”: I don't know what it is with Democrats. Maybe they take stupid pills every day. It doesn't matter what criminal acts she commits, they still maintain that she's “the best candidate for president in 2016.” Maybe, from their point of view, she is. She's definitely one of the best CRIMINALS out there who looks likely to run—and it IS “her turn,” according to the way politics seems to work in DC. But in the REAL world, she is the absolute WORST possible presidential candidate. She has screwed up everything she has tried, from health care under Bill to Benghazi and private e-mail servers under her nemesis, Barack Hussein Obama.They have nobody better to offer, and that means they're in deep doo-doo. I like that.

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