Friday, April 24, 2015

Clinton Foundation Is A Scam

It's how the Clintons “launder” the illegal “contributions” they get, like their $500,000.00 speeches (Bill) and their $300,000.00 speeches (Hillary). Not to mention the millions of dollars they get from foreign governments, OR the million dollar “advances” to write books nobody either reads or buys. which they can then claim are NOT contributions to their campaigns and are thus not covered by campaign finance laws. The tipoff is that 60% of the money that comes in goes for travel, wages, etc. (which is easy to manipulate), and 25% for “other,” which is not specified (and which is easier to manipulate), with only 15% going to some kind of minor charity. The “foundation” itself is merely a “cover” to “launder” large sums of money.

SPEECH FEES” A SCAM: The Clintons prove it. There is NO SPEECH worth $300,000.00 to $500,000.00. But that's what Hillary and Bill get each time they agree to spew nonsense such as “toppling the American rich,” and are paid that money BY “the American rich—the only people who HAVE that kind of money to throw around in order to “BUY” politicians. And buy politicians they do, disguising it by calling it “speech fees” they pay to politicians they think can, and WILL do them some good in the future. The Clintons have it better than most, since BOTH benefit from the thinking that Hillary may be our next president and will be able to help those companies make billions, simply by signing something into law.

PUTTIN' OUT A HIT”: Obama is like the “Capo” of a Mafia gang. He “puts out hits” on people and they send out a drone to kill them. There's no telling how many people he's killed. That's what got him in trouble recently. He “put out a hit” on some Islamic terrorists,” who really NEEDED to be dead, without knowing that there were some American hostages in the same place. So he killed them, too, without knowing it. But the whole point is, he's acting more and more like a Mafia kingpin every day as he gains confidence in taking power while nobody does anything to seriously oppose him.

DENYING THEM A “RIGHT”: Hillary is saying “Hobby Lobby” denied women the “right” to have their birth control paid for by a Christian-run organization that doesn't believe in birth control, in spite of the constitutional protection against the government denying them (Hobby Lobby) their REAL right (that DOES exist) to religious freedom, There is NO RIGHT to have their birth control paid for by an employer. Hobby Lobby is NOT “denying” them ANY right. They're just saying, “If you want it, pay for it yourself. We ain't gonna do it.”

APOLOGY DOESN'T GIT IT”: Obama has “apologized” for killing those two American citizens who were being held in the same place as a top terrorist was staying, but that doesn't help any.; They're still dead. And his apology was as hollow as was Janet Reno's after she was responsible for the deaths of almost 100 innocent people (including 14 CHILDREN) at Waco. He has committed MURDER and should be punished for it. Not the terrorists, who NEEDED killing. For the innocent Americans he carelessly killed,

A REGULAR SCAM: It's a regular scam for the Islamic terrorists (who care not about “Infidel lives”), to put innocent people in the line of fire from their enemies. It's the old “tying children to the front of their tanks scam” where if we fire on them, we can be accused of “causing civilian deaths.” That's why they commonly live in the same houses as do innocent civilians (against the will of those people, of course), so ANY fire on them will KILL civilians so they can get a PR advantage.

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