Thursday, April 16, 2015

One Tea Party Vote for Hillary?

James Webb is a “Tea Party sort.” (He says). He's “commie hating, Obama hating, lead spraying,” whatever that is. But he says he will probably vote for Hillary because he's afraid a Republican would repeal Obamacare. And he's right. Republicans who aren't “Republicans In Name Only” (RINOs) have PROMISED to repeal that abomination. Why he fears this escapes me, since it DOUBLED his premium for LESS COVERAGE while INCREASING the deductible, and began telling his doctors what they could treat and how they could treat it. Some people are just dumb, I guess. But I would call him a PHONY “Tea Partier.” This was in “Salon,” of course. I'm a "Tea Party kinds guy" and I hope they DO repeal it.

GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS”: That's what Hillary is doing. That's why Republicans and Democrats alike are saying her “rollout” was a miserable failure. So what? She doesn't care. She figures “the fix is in,” so why actually campaign? Which is one reason why she doesn't have a PROPER campaign bus to carry enough people to do the job right. At the same time it's evident she is completely INCOMPETENT, even in campaigning—which is something Democraats (liberals) are usually good at. It's GOVERNING at which they are so abysmally incompetent.

OBAMA: “NO TERRORISTS IN CUBA”: He says after looking HARD, he can no longer find any terrorists in Cuba, Therefore, he's removing Cuba from the list of terrorist-supporting countries. Meanwhile, Cuba's own well known terrorist outfit, FARC, murdered 10 soldiers and wounded 17 others in Columbia. This reminds me of Iran President Amadinijerk telling a reporter there are no gays in Iraq, and if he knew of some, give him their names and addresses (so he can have them killed). But it's different with terrorists in Cuba. They "aren't there" only because Castro and his goons (Including Obama) refuse to acknowledge they are.

ANOTHER SEX SCANDAL: The DEA is now embroiled in a sex scandal where they were provided women for sex BY the local drug cartel. What disturbs me is that, under current “rules,” there is NOTHING the director of the DEA can do about it. According to her, she can't fire them, can't even QUESTION them about it. Sen. Gowdy asks her, “If you can't fire or discipline them, what the hell CAN you do?” This is illustrative of the abysmal INCOMPETENCE on the part of the bureaucrats and politicians MAKING the “rules!”

REID LIES AGAIN! His story about how his eye got hurt has changed so many times we don't know WHAT to believe. All we know is a constantly changing story is a sure indication the subject is LYING. And since we KNOW Harry is an unrepentant LIAR (hence his LIE that Romney paid no taxes for ten years, since PROVEN to be a lie), it makes us wonder what REALLY happened. Rush thinks the mob beat him up for failing to deliver something he promised them.

WE'LL OBEY OBAMA”: When asked if she was comfortable with obeying Obama's orders, even KNOWING to do so was to violate the law, the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) answered, “Yes.” Which tells me a LOT about the QUALITY of top executives we're getting under Obama. Obviously when they're vetted, they're asked the same question and THEN answer “Yes.” This is how Obama gets away with so much. He has filled his administration with people like this, who are fiercely loyal to HIM, not the Constitution or the law.

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