Friday, May 1, 2015

The Pope Buys It

He's preaching that we need to “ditch capitalism to stop global warming.” Never mind capitalism is why this country has exceeded anything any other country has been able to accomplish in the last almost 300 years, and that global warming DOES NOT EXIST! I don't think he's stupid, but I do think he has some abysmally stupid advisers who do his research FOR him. Of course, being named Pope doesn't guarantee intelligence.

FOUND: LERNER E-MAILS: She said they didn't exist, though she thought there was enough incriminating evidence in them to require her to TESTIFY she “didn't do anything wrong” before citing her Fifth Amendment protection (Isn't it interesting how liberals USE the Constitution when it SUITS them, but say it doesn't count when it hinders their blatant wrongdoing?). Then the CHIEF of the IRS LIED and said they couldn't be found. So the Inspector General drove down to where copies were held and found 35,000 of them. Just a small part of those existing, I'm sure. But will it lead to any definitive action? I don't think so.

CUMMINGS RUNS AWAY: Elija Cummings was having an impromptu interview with Fox's Leland Vittert when Sean Hannity attempted to ask him a question. So he walked away. Apparently he is deathly AFRAID of any question Hannity might ask him and feels whatever answer he gives will get him in trouble. Well, he's right. And “walking away” gets him in even MORE trouble from people who know his political history.

PROVING HIS IGNORANCE—AGAIN: Michael Moore is like that big, fat troll in Star Wars (Jabba the Hut) who sat on his butt, smoked weed, and did what a character like him does with women—if he can, and makes surprisingly stupid comments on life in general. Only with Moore, it's not surprising that he wants to disarm the cops and release all the criminals from prison without thinking for a minute about the consequences. I agree with the Sheriff of Milwaukee: if we did it, we should release them into Moore's neighborhood. Turn them loose on HIM. Jeeze! Such stupidity! And some people actually LISTEN to his blathering! Stupidity! Go figure!

CODE FOR “STUPID”: “Common sense.” You hear those words a lot coming from the mouths of liberals as they make their stupid and useless laws, principally on gun control. So I've come to the conclusion that those are “code words” for “stupid,” but they don't know that. They're not intelligent enough to realize what they're telling people of INTELLIGENCE every time they use these words to describe something they've done. For instance, they now are saying, “Banning AR-15 ammo is common sense.” Do they really think they can cut off the supply by banning it? Stupid.

RUSH TO JUDGMENT: A top prosecutor in Baltimore has come out and actually CHARGED the six cops involved in the death of Freddy Gray with manslaughter and even second degree murder even though none were present or anywhere near when he died after injuring HIMSELF on the way to jail, DAYS later. The timing is VERY suspicious. In an ordinary case, the coroner wouldn't be able to come to ANY kind of a conclusion for a lot longer, especially with the questionable nature of this death. It takes TIME to answer such questions. But they came out with an answer in a very short time while that prosecutor sounded much like an agitator when she made her announcement.

JUST AN EXCUSE: I think both situations: Ferguson, MO, and Baltimore are MANUFACTURED crises put on to bolster Obama's drive to create a black on white race war and to take over running ALL the cops in this country. In Ferguson, there was NO RACISM in the Brown shooting but Holder says the whole department IS racist, with no proof forthcoming. Now they've indicted six cops without any evidence they WERE involved in his death apart from their having to fight him to arrest him. Since we don't know what cops were involved, we don't even know if they were black or white, or PURPLE! I DO notice that the “powers that be” in Baltimore are BLACK.

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