Saturday, March 1, 2014

Incompetence In Government

Today, the liberals running this government are proving (again) their incompetence to govern. They’re telling us the ONLY reason to have a job is to have employer-paid health insurance, which is a big LOAD of stinky brown stuff. The REASON for having a job is that we all like to EAT and pay all our bills. To have a roof over our heads, have a car or other means of transportation, be able to go on occasional vacations, and all the other things we need money for. Health insurance is a “side issue” only. Their incompetence is in not knowing that.

DEMANDING RESPECT: In “real life,” you don’t “demand respect,” you EARN it. Way too many people, and mostly incompetent politicians, DEMAND respect when they don”t deserve it. I get very tired of politicians insulting our intelligence like Harry Reid did when he called people who have, and ARE suffering because of Obamacare, LIARS. Does this ignorant fool really think we’re stupid enough to BELIEVE that crap? If he does, HE’S the stupid one.

DIFFERENT COLORS: One school let the students vote on whether or not they should wear different colors for males and females on graduation day. Why should there BE different colors in graduation gowns for men and women? Why SEPARATE them? Their gowns should ALL be the SAME color. A gay organization started it because they wanted men to be able to wear women’s colors, but what they got was EVERYBODY wearing the SAME color. If they then couldn’t tell the difference between male and female, they’re beyond help. they apparently want to be able to be the “laughing stock.”

HIRING FOOLS: Why do we (not me) continue to elect corrupt fools like Harry Reid? Are there so many “easy riders” out there to make hiring fools like Harry Reid inevitable? Reid has made millions on phony land deals since he has been Senate Majority Leader, but nobody has done anything REAL about it, so he “stays clean” in the eyes of the other corrupt politicians who operate in a similar manner. They know if they go after Reid, their own criminal acts will be revealed because he knows where all the bodies are buried; and, like Obama, probably buried a few, himself. Then he has the temerity to call people who have SUFFERED under Obama’s health care swindle LIARS when they tell us about it?

DEMOCRATS GETTING DESPERATE: With all their scams and schemes failing because of Obama’s excesses, they’re getting desperate with the mid-term elections coming up and the prospect of losing many seats and thus the majority looming, they’re ”pulling out all the stops” in an effort to “head it off.” The evidence is none other than Harry Reid saying the people who are telling their stories of hardship under Obama’s health care swindle are LIARS while HE is the biggest liar (outside of Obama himself) out there. We need to keep at it and overcome the Republican lassitude.

“REINING IN” THE IRS: Obama wants to give the IRS even more power to question and delay tax-free status for conservative organizations. Giving the IRS more power is like hamstringing honest people (as they do with anti-gun laws) so criminals can have “free rein” to victimize them. The IRS is Obama’s SS Troops. His thugs. His “enforcers,” his “jack-booted thugs” who go out and hurt people who speak out against him or his policies. Giving them more power is total ignorance.

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