Sunday, March 23, 2014

Nancy's Still At It

 It’s almost like she’s signed a contract to put out at least one stupid statement every day, because she certainly does that. Today it’s “Obama is the most non-partisan president ever.” It’s almost like she picks out the most easily proven lie there is and tells it, DARING us to prove her wrong. I think it all started with her most stupid statement of all,  about Obamacare: “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it.” Does she actually think we BELIEVE this crap? If she does, she’s even more stupid than I though she was. I think she says things like this to keep us talking about her stupid statements so we don’t concentrate on Ovomit’s crimes.

OUT AND OUT HYPOCRISY: Ovomit’s Department of “Justice” refuses to appoint a special prosecutor (not controlled by Ovomit) to investigate the IRS conspiracy to inhibit the work of all conservative organizations by reusing them the tax-free status to which they’re entitled, for months, even YEARS at a time, so they could do nothing to inhibit the outrages Ovomit is perpetrating upon all of us. They SAY it would be a “waste of time and money” because they’re already “investigating” the scandal (with federal employees who will NEVER find wrongdoing in the IRS). That’s like a fat man trying to find his weenie. Ovomit says it’s a “false scandal. And they’re out to find SOME proof of it. They think we can’t figure it out.

STUPIDEST PERSON ON EARTH: I think Joe Biden is competing with Nancy Peelosi for the title of the “stupidest person on Earth.” Why else, right after she makes a crack about his non-biased person” would he come up with the claim that he would “nominate Obama for sainthood.”? Are these people really that stupid? Or do they think WE are? Why do they insist on trying to top each other with ever more stupid statements?

SHARPTON AGAIN: Al Sharpton, race whore and host of an MSNBC show (that says it all, doesn’t it?) Asks why Rand Paul (he calls him RON Paul) thinks he has the right to accuse ANYBODY of racism. He bases that on Paul’s statement early in his career that the civil rights act may have been too broad, limiting rights for white people. On what does base that? That he actually thought about white people’s rights? It was a good question because that law DID limit many rights to white people that did not affect the rights of black people. That wasn’t a racist position, it was common sense. But Sharpton doesn’t know the difference. Neither do other racists.

PHELPS DIES: 84-year-old Fred Phelps, founder and “minister” to the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, which is infamous for picketing the funerals of soldiers killed in battle and saying insulting things about them, has died of old age. I’m surprised. Somebody would have shot him in a perfect world (of course, in a perfect world he wouldn’t exist). Maybe we should picket HIS funeral and carry insulting signs. Let his family see what it’s like.

WHAT’S CHANGED? In many years of watching that vast wasteland called television programming (which used to be a lot better—or I wasn’t as choosy, one), I never heard the words d-ck or c-ck—until now. Thus show is a mediocre “comedy” and relies on sex jokes. This is the first show on American television where that part of the male anatomy has been actually NAMED. There have been many attempts to “get around” mentioning it while keeping it in the narrative, but this is the first time I have actually heard it NAMED, right out. TV is getting boring.

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