Friday, March 28, 2014

Communists Hail Obama

Him and New York Mayor DeBlasio, because BOTH have done much to advance the communist cause in America. Yet nobody seems interested in DOING anything about it. Before he’s done, Ovomit will have made us into “Soviet America” and we (not me) will have voted ourselves into slavery. Damn, I’m glad I’m old and won’t live to see much of it as this country descends into slavery to replace Russia as collectivism’s “showcase country!” The stupidity of people to allow this amazes me.

NO APPLAUSE: Obama gave a speech in communist China and waited for the expected applause—and ONE person was heard to TENTATIVELY clap once or twice. Nobody else. Not even his “entourage.” And Obama had to leave in complete embarrassment. I guess he can’t “pack” the audience with sycophants everywhere. This should send a message to him and his thugs that nobody really likes him except those who benefit from his presence.

HARRY REID’S LAND DEALS: Senator Harry Reid, Majority leader in the senate, has had so many shady land deals I don’t have room here to name them all. He lashes out at ANY reporter who dares to ASK him about it. Like Minority leader in the House Nancy Peelosi, he has become “filthy rich” using his position in the Congress for “leverage.” He is one of the best examples of the “culture of corruption” known to be in the Congress. The quicker we get rid of both of them, the better.

OBAMA PROMISES “SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES”: Egypt has BANNED that terrorist organization, The Muslim Brotherhood, of which Ovomit is an “unofficial” member and condemned 529 of its members to death. Ovomit has promised “serious consequences” if they actually do it. So who cares? Is that yet another “red line” for him to ignore if they go ahead and do it? Nobody cares what Ovomit threatens. He only DOES bad things to his own citizens.

PHONY ADS: Democrats are running ads saying the woman in the anti-Obomacare fight against a Colorado senator are phony. They say it’s because the woman is an actor, not a real person. What the hell do they think actors ARE? Maybe she IS an actor, but her questions are very real. Democrats are using the (maybe) “fact” she is an actor to ignore the very REAL questions she raises, which MUST be answered. Their usual con.

HARRY REID THINKS YOU’RE STUPID: Yes, there ARE a few people who aren’t “learned” on how to use the Internet. Mostly us “old folks” to whom anything new is suspect in many cases. Funny. I’m 76, and I’ve been using computer since 1984 when their presence on every desk was unusual. Back when there was only ONE desktop publishing program on the market (Pagemaker 101 on the Mac). I design web sites, do desktop publishing, write books, and blog on them. I’ve had my fingers on a computer keyboard almost every day since. Am I the one he’s talking about? Really, I think it’s the people who DESIGNED Obama’s health care web site who are computer illiterate. I’ve been using computers since before AlGore “invented” the Internet. What the hell’s this fool talking about?

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