Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ann Romney's $900 Blouse

Remember that? The Democrats (and thus the liberal media) made a “big thing” out of somebody spending THEIR OWN MONEY for a $900 blouse. But they say NOTHING about Michelle Obama’s $3,000.00 dress, bought with taxpayer’s money because she doesn’t have that kind of money to spend on clothes without it. This is a typical example of the double standard evident in the liberal media.

COPS KILL UNARMED MAN: I think this happened in Albuquerque, but I’m not sire. I was looking as an alternate case and watched as this man was shot Five times while standing with his hands up, the last two times (one of which was the fatal shot) with his BACK to the cops and his hands in the air. The fact this was brought to my attention while I was looking for yet ANOTHER unlawful cop killing says a lot to me. This is happening way too often today and illustrates the fact that we ARE now a “police state” with cops killing willy-nilly and those killings being declared (by their police agencies, of course) to be “justified, in SPITE of the obvious evidence that it is MURDER.

IT MADE RUSH LOSE IT: Hillary had a meeting with the Algerian Foreign Minister while she was Secretary of State and the video was just released. It cracked Rush Limbaugh up to see her “FrankenHIllary” hairdo. He “lost it,” but wouldn’t tell us what it was. The other thing I noticed is that, even while the Algerian was talking, the camera remained on her. He probably didn’t notice until it was released to the press.

OBAMA MOST WELL TRAVELED: According to the National Taxpayer Union Foundation, Obama has taken more vacations, been out of the country more, and spent more money on it than ANY modern president. This is obviously a man who is taking full advantage of his tenure as president to get as much out of it as he can, using taxpayer money.

NJ SENATORS JOKING ABOUT GUN CONTROL: They seem to be ALL in favor of taking guns away from law-abiding people and giving illegally armed CRIMINALS a steady stream of unarmed victims, according to their “open mike” comments. They obviously didn’t realize the mike was on when they talked about making laws to “confiscate, confiscate, confiscate” guns. They seem unaware that the Constitution FORBIDS such actions. But I’m sure they do, but they IGNORE it, as do most anti-gun FOOLS.

WISCONSIN LOWERS TAXES—AGAIN: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has AGAIN lowered the state’s taxes because of all the money his policies have saved his state. Is he a Democrat? Not HARDLY! He’s a REPUBLICAN. It’s only a Republican who could (or WOULD) have done this. Democrats are too bound and determined to tax you into poverty and give the money away to “other poor.” People they “designated” as poor. Walker used common sense to cut his state’s costs; something Democrats don’t even know the MEANING of.

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