Sunday, March 30, 2014

Calling the Kettle Black

Fox news had a segment recently in which it criticized CNN for “overuse” of the “Breaking News” banner—what? Nobody OVERUSES THE “breaking News” banner more than Fox. I get so tired of hearing and seeing it, and then having it be followed by the same old, tired, repetition of the same old thing they’ve had on time and again. Fox brings truth, not covered by ANY other news source (except for other “alternative” news sources), but it is just as guilty of overuse of the “Breaking News” banner as anybody else. Maybe more.

IT’S A BUNCH OF BULL: Ovomit claims that SIX MILLION fools have “signed up” for Obamacare. That’s a LOAD of bull, designed to make us THINK it’s beginning to work. It’s not. Sebilius refuses to say how many have PAID so she can’t be accused later of LYING. But she has told so many lies, it’s amazing she hasn’t been held in contempt already. I guess they’re not PROVABLE lies. Giving phony figures would BE provable when the real ones come out.

CLAIMING SUCCESS: You can’t claim success if people only “sign up” because if they don’t you’ll FINE them. So Obama’s claims of SIX MILLION sign ups are meaningless. He has NO WAY of knowing how many people have “signed up,” OR have actually PAID a premium. He’s making up the numbers as he goes along, as he is wont to do. His whole plan is to LOOT young people to pay for the medical costs of old people, which is a COMMUNIST thing (income redistribution) and not something Americans want. Everything he does promotes COLLECTIVISM, of which communism and socialism are but two different forms.

OBAMA ATTACKS PALIN’S BROTHER: Is there nothing so EVIL and low that Obama’s thugs won’t try it? Sarah Palin’s brother is a hard-working man who has faithfully paid his taxes all along, but he is now fighting the IRS, which is attempting to hurt him because he’s Sarah’s brother. This is a sickening example of Obama’s effort to discourage Sarah from any more actions against him by threatening her family. That’s about as LOW as there is!

MRI NO MORE: I’ve always wondered about how quick doctors were to order an MRI when I went into the hospital. The reason is, the procedure is IMPORTANT to discover what’s wrong with me without cutting me open to see for themselves. But I’m afraid the MRI will become a “thing of the past” because Obama’s health care swindle law already regards it as TOO EXPENSIVE to be used that often. And since the government is PAYING for it (with money EXTORTED from us), he thinks he has the right to “second guess’ the doctors (with NO medical knowledge) and refuse to allow it to be used, in all but the worst cases. The fact that people will DIE because they can’t use it doesn’t bother him.

NO INSURANCE AT ALL: Obama’s health care swindle law creates a system of “insurance” that is NO insurance at all, for anything but disastrous medical maladies. It costs $500 or MORE a month and involves co-pays and deductibles in the THOUSANDS of dollars to be paid BEFORE the “insurance” kicks in. that’s NO INSURANCE at all, and at TWICE or three times as much. And we are FORCED to buy it by law, or pay a “fine.” They  CALL it a “tax,” buy it IS a fine. It’s the old ”protection racket” updated and run by the government.

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