Friday, February 28, 2014

Palestinians "Suffering?"

Obama says, “Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people.” Which is a LOAD of putrid brown stuff. How STUPID is this? Nobody speaks up for the Jews who suffer from the rockets the Palestinians send indiscriminately into Israel every day to kill people. Of course they deny it, and put labels on anybody who suggests it. But you only have to look at photos of the damage they cause and see where they come from to realize they’re LYING. If they “suffer,” they’ve brought it on themselves.

POT ADDICTION: The 9 News garden guy has a “pot addiction.” He favors blue pots. He has more than 600 large pots (filled with flowers and greens) in his yard. I’ll bet that really makes his neighbors happy! Recently, he added to that by putting some in his driveway.(“Who needs six cars parked in the driveway? So let’s put some pots there,” he says. I think he has “cornered” he “pot business” in Denver. Not the kind you smoke, the kind you put your garden items in. There are two cars in mine. That’s enough.

TERRORIST AS “FACILITATOR”: Rasmieh Yousef Odeh, a former “neighborhood organizer” in Chicago, working right along with Obama, and is a former terrorist who was CONVICTED in the bombing of several places in Israel, including a crowded food market that killed TWO people. “Officials” who hired her said they were “unaware” of those crimes and convictions. That’s not surprising, because they do not “vet” the people they hire for these positions. I wonder how many other convicted criminals we’d find among Obama’s “facilitators” if we looked? Will we ever look? Not as long as Obama is “in charge.”

“FREEDOM OF RELIGION GOES ONE WAY”: That’s what Rush Limbaugh said the other day. Gays have the “freedom” to FORCE people who don’t believe in their way of life to do business with them, but take AWAY the right of those businesses to REFUSE to do business with them because of THEIR religious beliefs. Further, they stop people from doing ANYTHING that “offends” Muslims, but IGNORE similar slights to Christians and Jews and members of other religions. Somebody’s STUPID here. “Bottom feeders” now “rule.”

The fools in Washington say that Obamacare “liberates you” from taking a job just for health insurance. What a CROCK that is! Health insurance is not, and never HAS been the reason for taking a job. EATING is the basic reason for working, not health insurance. Personally, I have never been able to afford health insurance, and until recently (I'm retired), I have ALWAYS had a job. Health insurance never entered my mind as a reason for taking a job. What a bunch of damned FOOLS they are to think we’ll believe this crap!

DEMOCRAT THREATENS LICENSES: They ran a story about a woman cancer patient whose LIFE is threatened by Obamacare and Democrat Sen. Gary Peters (from Michigan) didn’t like it. So he threatened the licenses of ALL stations that ran the ad. Like he had the power to take their licenses away for running an ad that criticized the president’s health care swindle! Frankly, I’d refuse to run this guy’s ads in future elections—or run them only when nobody is watching. They DO have that power. Maybe Sen. Peters needs to reexamine his threats.

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