Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Gays Can Refuse Service

But people who don’t like gays CANNOT, according to “Mr. Sulu,” of Star Trek fame. George Takei, who has long been “out,” criticizes people who won’t do business with gay people, but APPROVES of the New Mexico governor's hairdresser's decision not to do business with her because of her stance on gay marriage. Her gay hairdresser has removed her from the customer list because of it. I wonder if that actually bothers her. Maybe she should sue, like gays do. I guess it’s okay for gays to refuse service but not anyone else. Oh; and he doesn’t like Rush Limbaugh. Fancy that!

WHY OBAMA IS CRITICIZING PUTIN:” We all know Obama doesn’t care about what Russia is doing in the Ukraine. But then, why does he tell Putin to “quit it or suffer the consequences?” WHAT consequences? To Obama, he means he might slap him on the limp wrist. He only talks that way because, as Rush Limbaugh says, “It says in the ‘How to Be President” handbook to say things like that. But he really doesn’t mean it, and Putin knows it.

APPLE FALLS FROM THE TREE: It’s all they have: Apple Computer Co. thinks everybody who denies global warming should get out of Apple stock. They haven’t any cogent arguments in favor of this massive swindle, so that’s all they have. Tell them to “get out.” That’s how liberals handle dissension. Just get rid of the dissenters. They know they have no answers, so they don’t even try.

GOOD FOR ME, NOT FOR THEE: Muslims scream to high heaven if anybody refuses to do business with them because they’re Muslim.  But they are constantly known to refuse to do business with people who do things they, in their “wisdom,” don’t like. Like the Muslim cab driver who refused to carry a Jewish passenger or the lesbian a Muslim refused to do business with. A lot like gays who file lawsuits to make bakers bake their wedding cakes but refuse to do business with people who do things with which they don’t agree. The double standard is still there.

SCREWING GOATS OKAY: It’s okay for Muslims. They can’t deny it. It’s in their “Holy Book.” They can screw pigs, too. Which is probably why they can’t eat pigs. These are the kind of people who think our society is “corrupt.” As to women, they treat them like slaves, make them fully cover themselves when they go out, because they’re “deathly afraid” somebody will find them ”comely” and want to be with them. They’re required to be with a male family member at all times when out. Any passing Muslim can beat them if they so much as show an ankle. And these people criticize US, saying we are “morally corrupt?”

They say Muslims and Christians don’t worship the same God. They’re right. Muslims worship a PHONY God, Allah. Mohammed, a man who CLAIMED to be God while having sex with a nine-year-old girl and approving Muslims having sex with goats, and KILLING people who don’t believe the exact same way they do. It’s a POLITICAL SYSTEM PRETENDING TO BE A RELIGION so as to be able to claim the perks we reserve for religion. It’s a WEAKNESS for Christians, that they exploit. Any vagrant Muslim will want to KILL me for telling this truth.

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