Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Mister President"

No matter what Obama does, reporters address him respectfully as “Mister President.” That irritates me. This fool who happens to be sitting in the president’s chair, PRETENDING to be a president, does not deserve the respect given him by calling him “Mister President.” I refuse to do so because respect must be EARNED, not DEMANDED. I call him “Barack,” or “Obama,” or “damned fool.” He can stick his title up his flue, for all of me. They say if you're invited to the White House, you GO. I don't. He can "invite" me all he wants, but I won't show up unless he has his minions bring me in wearing chains.

IGNORING THE TRUTH: It is common knowledge that the only reason unemployment figures seem to be going down is because so many people have just GIVEN UP on ever getting another job and are no longer looking. So Obama stops counting them, making the number of people LOOKING for a lob smaller, leaving a smaller number looking. But he continues to tout it, as if it were true, and we didn’t know about the way his scam works. What a damned fool he is!

PHONY DEFENSE: Oscar Pistorius, the legless athlete who shot his girl friend to death THROUGH A LOCKED DOOR says he thought he was shooting an intruder. But you don’t shoot intruders through a locked bathroom door. You call the cops, and then sit outside that door until they get there, no matter how long it takes. You DON’T shoot someone THROUGH A LOCKED DOOR. If you do, that’s first degree MURDER, even if it WAS an intruder. When you have that “intruder” trapped, you don’t shoot him through a locked door! This is the exception to the theory about “waiting for the cops.”

LERNER’S STONEWALLING: Lois Lerner knows what’s at the bottom of the IRS scandal and continues to deny any wrongdoing. She continues to cite the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination while insisting she did nothing wrong. If she DID do nothing wrong, there’s nothing to stop her from testifying except for the possibility of incriminating someone else, such as Obama. She talks a bout “death threats” if she testifies. I wonder if the origin of those threats is Obama or his cronies.

LERNER’S CRIMES: She used the IRS to hurt Obama’s enemies by denying them the tax-free status they wanted without actually denying it. She came up with a bunch of questions that were impossible to answer and were none of the IRS’s business in the first place. Until those questions, which were none of her business, were answered, she used that to stall on approving the tax-free status the IRS “fast-tracked” for liberals, including Obama’s brother. She needs to go to PRISON, not be “retired” on a cushy pension.

RUSSIA WANTS UKRAINE: Putin is determined to revive the “Soviet Union” and taking over the Ukraine is the second step in the process. Georgia was the first, succeed or fail. Somebody with more sense than guts needs to “pull him aside” and tell him about the illegality of his actions. Even so, I don’t think he cares about legality. Like Obama, he just does what he wants and legality be damned!

NOT A “SMIDGEN” OF CORRUPTION: That’s what Obama says about the IRS scandal, but there is. More than a “smidgen.” And Lois Lerner is at the center of it. He knows it But he’ll never admit it, and he thinks all he has to do is DENY any corruption and the world will believe him. He says there were some “boneheaded decisions,” but he will not elaborate on what they were. I think they came from HIM. Obama is a damned fool to do this.

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