Thursday, March 13, 2014

Global Warming "Denier" Wins

They thought it was a “sure winning campaign,” emphasizing that David Jolly was a “global warming denier,” a term used as a “slur” to demonize him. But it didn’t work. They either didn’t know, or it had not yet dawned on them that global warming was no longer a viable campaign issue since it doesn’t (and never did) exist, and even people who pay no attention to politics know it. Apparently Democrats don’t. Debbie Wassermann Schultz, chair of the DNC, said that, “Since we didn’t ‘win big,’ we lost.” How stupid is she?

DOCTORS QUESTIONING PATIENTS ABOUT GUNS: That’s what Obama and his new Surgeon General are now “suggesting” to the nation’s doctors. It has been my experience that such “suggestions” today will become MANDATORY tomorrow. What I plan on doing if my doctor starts asking me about guns is tell him to “pee up a rope.” It’s none of his business, And if he insists, I’ll tell him I have none, even if I have a HOWITZER at home.

OBAMA BE WARNED: The ship is approaching shoals and if you don’t “turn it around,” you’re going to “run aground.” That supposedly “unlosable” election in Florida that Democrats LOST should be like the “canary in a mine” to Democrats. The Democrat candidate was supposed to win easily. It didn’t happen. How many other “safe Democrat” elections are they going to lose? The only reason I say this is I now Democrats and liberals don't read this blog and I want to point this out to those who do. Although it should not make them feel so “invincible” they don’t go out and vote.

DOING THEIR RESEARCH: Why do we do the research Islamic terrorists would die to know for them? A recently released report tells us they only need to disable NINE substations to CRIPPLE the entire U. S. Why would we do this kind of a study and then release the results so they will be available to Islamic terrorists, who only want to DO the disabling? Damn, are we STUPID! Why don’t we “wise up” and stop doing things like this, as well as allowing them to not only sneak into the United States unimpeded, but SUBSIDIZING them when they do?

PISTORIUS COMMITTED MURDER: The legless athlete who shot his girlfriend THROUGH THE DOOR after an argument killed her ON PURPOSE. There’s no way around it. Lawyers are arguing over why, if he did it on purpose, did he “try to help her” afterward? They argue over a myriad of details, trying to prove his story of thinking she was an intruder was true. But a simple fact tells me all this argument is useless. He shot her THROUGH THE DOOR. You don’t shoot a TRAPPED burglar THROUGH A DOOR unless you mean to murder him! You sit outside that locked door with your gun and wait for the cops to arrive (if they do before you die of old age). This single fact PROVES his guilt. The other details, over which the lawyers are arguing, are mere side-issues and can be interpreted many ways. Which is what his lawyers want.

VOTING THEMSELVES INTO SLAVERY: Well, it looks like the citizens of the Ukraine (part of it, anyway) are going to vote themselves to be part of Russia again, You’d have thought they would have learned their lesson by living (those who survived) under the Soviet Union. But, like most of OUR politicians, they seem to have “bought” Russia’s claims that they’re “different now.” That they’re “no longer communists.” But notice THE SAME PEOPLE are in “power” there, with the SAME MINDSET. They’re still socialist, which is just another form of COLLECTIVISM. They will suffer from it if they vote to rejoin Russia, I guarantee it! Some people never learn.

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