Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tired of Being Lied to

I’m getting really tired of people like Obama and all his accomplices lying to us, and then calling US liars when we expound on the suffering their stupid policies cause us. Harry Reid really needs to be “put out to pasture” at the very least, and imprisoned at best. To call Obama’s victims liars is INEXCUSABLE and he needs to be punished for it. Reid is the most INCOMPETENT Senate Majority Leader in my memory, though I’m sure there have been many.

KEEP OBAMACARE AND IMPROVE IT? A large percentage of Americans seem to want to keep Obama’s health care swindle law, but improve it. But there IS no “improving it.” It needs to be KILLED, and replaced with—NOTHING. This percentage is roughly the same number of people who are on some sort of “free ride” already. The whole idea of government-provided health care is abhorrent and should be discarded, as intelligent people have done for years until Obama conned them.

NOT GETTING THE SUCKERS: The Obama forces talk openly about “ needing the suckers” to sign up for Obama’s health care swindle to make it work. What that means is, he needs young, healthy people to sign up for health care coverage they DON’T NEED. Especially since Obama considers them CHILDREN until age 26. These people will NOT “sign up” as long as there is a “way out” of this unconstitutional law. And it IS unconstitutional. There is not a single word in the Constitution that allows the federal government to FORCE people to buy ANYTHING, much less TAX them for not buying  “pig in a poke.” And Nancy Peelosi aside, it IS a pig in a poke.” We still don't know all that's in it.

RUSSIA INVADING THE UKRAINE: They’re using the “request” from a minor official in the RUSSIAN sector as an excuse. Putin has gone through the motions” of asking his captive parliament for “permission” to go in; as if he NEEDED their permission. In Russia, he is the BOSS. The parliament will accede to his demands or be replaced. Maybe even killed. Whatever, those opposed to ANYTHING he wants will just “disappear.” It’s the same as it was under communism, but they just SAY they’re no longer communist.” They ARE socialist, which is just another form of collectivism. The SAME PEOPLE are still “in charge. What do you think? It’s a standard “two steps back, and one step forward” con they’ve been using since forever. (Just common sense)

“DECLARATION OF WAR” The acting prime minister in he Ukraine says Russia’s recent actions in going into the Crimea and asking their parliament for permission to invade are a “declaration of war.” And I’m not surprised, considering their previous action in other counties in similar situations. Putin is trying HARD to force the return of communism to Russia, and he is moving fast in that direction. They SAY “communism is dead” in Russia, but they’re not acting that way. Meanwhile, Obama wants something similar for us, with HIM in charge.

MASS KILLING IN COMMUNIST CHINA: You can’t get a legal gun in communist China (unless you know somebody), but terrorists killed 27 people—with knives before the cops finally got there and shot them down. Which just goes to prove you don’t need a gun to kill a lot of people while the cops are COMING. Do you think if just one of these people or one who was just there had a gun that the results would be different?

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