Thursday, March 20, 2014

Muslim "Intelligence"

Muslim cleric Salem al-Fawzan, on MEMRI TV actually SAID it. “There is no doubt about it. The sun revolves around the Earth.” This is the kind of “intelligence” that is taught to Muslims around the world. And these are the people who THINK they can eventually “rule the world?” Not a bit of it. It would take a lot more intelligence than it seems Muslims have to even get CLOSE to that. It is ignorance like this that makes them THINK they can.

RUSSIA “TAKES OVER” CRIMEA: As predicted, the “not too bright” citizens of Crimea voted to be “annexed” by Russia. Apparently, they didn’t know how lucky they were to be separated from Russia in that phony “breakup” of the Soviet Union and are “suckers for punishment.” I don’t know what comes over people when they VOTE to be enslaved. I guess they’ve been being fed “stupid pills” for a long time. The same is true of the Americans who VOTED for Obama, TWICE.

BIDEN: WE’LL DEFEND ALLIES”: Really? What makes him think so? Obama hasn’t shown any inclination to do so, so far. Why should he change that, now? To bolster the Democrat chances in the next elections? It ain’t agonna help. Democrats are DOOMED. Get USED to it. Obama has DASHED any hopes Democrats might have had with Obamacare, as well as many other things he has done to us.

HAVE YOU DONE YOUR BRACKET? Americans are obsessed over just who is going to “advance” in the basketball craziness (March Madness). Seems to me their priorities are mixed up. Obama has spent us BROKE. He’s moving us steadily toward collectivism (socialism) by using governmental power to inhibit private enterprise, while BLAMING private enterprise itself for the problems HE has created. And nobody (except maybe me, and a few others who pay attention to reality) notices, or cares. They’re busily filling in their “brackets. Meanwhile, Obama and other socialists rape us.

MUSLIM FAMILY REMOVED: Muslims apparently think what they do is so important that they can do it ANYWHERE. Even if it's a hardship for others. Which is why a Muslim family had to be forcibly removed from the Empire State building where they were praying and getting in everyone’s way. They call that “religious discrimination.” I agree. It is THEIR “religious discrimination” that makes them think THEIR religion takes precedence over ours, in OUR country. They wouldn’t ALLOW such an ostentatious display of CHRISTIAN religion in a MUSLIM run country, EVER. They’d KILL them. I think these Muslims went there specifically to cause trouble so they could sue. Okay; now they can call me an Islamaphobe. I don’t care; that’s a made-up word. Means nothing to me.

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