Friday, March 14, 2014

"America Doesn't Want Repeal"

A female congressperson (Democrat, what else?) went before Congress and told them categorically that “The American people ‘don’t want’ Congress to repeal Obamacare.” Where the hell does she get the idea she can speak for the “American people?” (Probably some anonymous person told her) She may be a “member of Congress,” but she is still just ONE PERSON among MILLIONS in America, and they have demonstrated that they DO want to have Obamacare repealed, no matter what she may think. Only by ignoring the facts can this fool believe what she has said.

SHE DOESN’T KNOW:  HHS Secretary Sebelius “doesn’t know” how many people who have “signed up” for Obamacare have actually PAID their premium. This is an effective indication of the complete INCOMPETENCE of Obama’s top executives. Either that, or she’s LYING through her teeth. You guess which. I go the "lying" route. Either are grounds for dismissal if she worked for a private company. But she works for the federal government, so it’s okay for her to not know things the top executive in her division SHOULD know, or be fired. It really amazes me at the complete LACK of control these people have.That’s why they always FAIL while private enterprise succeeds.

CLIMATE CHANGE FOOLS: Now they’re saying ALL “working climate scientists” say climate change is REAL, and “man-caused” (Actually, they don’t say that. Just the opposite, in fact.). No names. No proof of ANYTHING, but they expect us to believe their damfool statements. Obama has “bought into” AlGore’s swindle because he sees an opportunity to con us out of a lot more money and some more power. And other liberal fools are following right in his footsteps for the same reasons.

DON’T RUN ON OBAMACARE: They’re doing it again. Democrats are trying to “advise” Republicans not to run on repealing Obamacare. They really think Republicans listen to their crap. They think Republicans will do what they “advise” because they think Democrats are interested in Republicans winning elections. They did it when they “advised” Americans not to talk negatively about Obama at all, in 2012, so they won’t be accused of being racist. Sorry about that, they get accused of racism every day, anyway. Just for OPPOSING anything Obama does.

“THERE WILL BE BLOOD”: Yes, “there WILL be blood” in the 2014 elections. Obama and his thugs have just gone too far and Americans are going to REBEL, as our Constitution allows us to do without breaking the law. By voting the bast-rds out. As we did in the 2012 elections (but not nearly enough), we’re going to “get rid of” as many Democrats and other liberals as we can. “Bloody?” Yes. But that’s what it takes to get rid of pestilence. And that’s what Democrats/liberals are.

SHE DID IT AGAIN: Sheila Jackson Lee proved her ignorance —yet again. She opened her mouth and sounds came out. The congresswoman who thinks we landed on Mars, not the moon, thinks the Constitution is 400 years old. Of COURSE it is,stupid! Seems to me the people who pretend to make our laws really ought to know SOMETHING about our history. The REAL history, not that manufactured by Obama’s liars.

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