Monday, March 24, 2014

"Rising Racial Tensions"

Ovomit said electing him would forever eliminate racism from the land. He also said he could lower the sea level. So now there is “racial tension rising” in the land—why? Because Ovomit himself is “whipping it up” every time he calls somebody racist for disagreeing with ANY of his policies. And he is ably abetted by such race whores as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who see racism under every bed—and profit from it. Then there’s “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan, who uses it to increase the size of his bunch of fools after murdering his predecessor to become the “leader” of his so-called "Muslim" organization.

NJ DEMOCRATS PASS GUN BAN: What were they THINKING? The Second Amendment FORBIDS such a law, yet they passed it, and will not be punished for it because the Constitution doesn’t provide PUNISHMENT for passing such a law. They will be criticized, FOR SURE. But they get criticism all the time. They're used to it. They don’t care. A provision needs to be added providing PUNISHMENT for such an act upon proof of passage of an unconstitutional law.

WHITE HOUSE WORRIED: They’re worried that Russia might take steps to “annex” (steal) more of the Ukraine. So what? Putin doesn’t care because Ovomit has displayed nothing but WEAKNESS. Putin doesn’t figure he will DO anything about it beyond complaining and whining. And he’s probably right. Ovomit is frightened to do ANYTHING except whine about such things for fear of being CALLED “the president who started WWIII.” Of course, the only people who would do that hate us, anyway. So why do we care?

WHAT IS WWIII ANYWAY? It’s a war fought on more than one front at a time, right? But what have we been fighting for the last ten years since 9/11? If that isn’t a “world war,” I don’t know what is. Ovomit doesn’t DEFINE it as a “world war,” he just pulls his troops out unilaterally and claims victory. While the enemy continues their killing spree in several countries as we run away. Damn, I’ll be glad to be rid of Ovomit (if that ever happens)!

WHY CAN’T WE FIND A PLANE? We can put a man on the moon, buy we can’t find ONE commercial airplane. Malaysian flight 370 turned off its transponder and went off course. And NO ONE has seen it since. Nobody knows if it just flew elsewhere. Nobody knows if the more than 200 souls on board are alive or dead. This is in the 21st Century fergawdsake! People talk about being able to “read a license plate from space,” but that’s a vast exaggeration. There can be something there 90 feet long and they can’t tell if is an airplane wing or something else. Sounds like a TYPICAL government LIE.

“COMMON SENSE” GUN LAWS: That’s what anti-gun fools always call their stupid, useless laws to further limit the American people’s right to keep and bear arms. “Common sense” seems to involve DISARMING honest people and giving criminals a steady stream of unarmed victims while their laws do NOTHING to stop CRIMINALS from getting their guns. The sheer STUPIDITY of these people amazes me, and the fact that they INSIST on being stupid while thinking they’re the smartest people around.

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