Saturday, March 15, 2014

Palin Is Right (Always Has Been)

She has been right, all along, which is why both Democrats and Republicans HATE her. They started hating her right after her GOP Convention speech. You know, the one she made right after being nominated to run for vice-president, before McCain realized he had “a tiger by the tail” and muzzled her? She said many good things during that campaign, but nothing like what she told us in that speech. And she had been “right on” every time she spoke. Democrats AND Republicans just wish she was gone because of that. But like a bad rash, she just won’t “go away.

OPPOSING OBAMACARE: The Democrats “snatched defeat from the jaws of victory” in Florida, when they kept hitting Jolly on his opposition to Obamacre, although he never mentioned it. This “pivotal” election that should have, in Democrat terms, gone easily to the Democrat, is a “bellwether.” It’s the “canary in the mine” that warns of danger. But they’ll never realize it. Debbi says because they didn’t “win big,” they lost. Even though they lost one more seat, like the first drop in what will become a rainstorm.

THEY CALL IT “AGRESSION”: Palestinians fired against Israeli soldiers in Gaza, and Israel fired back. Then HAMAS told everybody it was “Israeli aggression,” failing to mention the prior attack by the Palestinians. What the hell do they think Israel is GOING to do when they’re attacked? But, of course, the Palestinians don’t admit they ATTACKED, even though the whole thing was videotaped. Israel needs to invade Palestinian territories and do away with HAMAS and all the other Palestinian war making machines. There’s no other way to deal with these fools.

USURPING CONGRESS: Why does Congress allow Obama to usurp their powers? They COULD do something about his tendency to “make laws” by simply signing an executive order and treating it as if a law had been passed, but they don’t. They APPLAUD when Obama announces yet another “power grab.” Why? Have they been “bought off?” Are there “skeletons” in everybody’s closets, with Obama knowing what they are? SOMETHING is keeping them from effectively opposing his power grabs. What is it? It’s VERY suspicious. And disturbing.

DID SEBILIUS LIE ABOUT OBAMACARE? Yes. Every time she answered a question. Including the one where she said she “didn’t know” how many people who “signed up” had actually paid a premium. I simply do not believe that the top executive at HHS does not have such information at her fingertips. She can't be THAT incompetent! The problem is, the number is so miserable and pathetic she dares not say it. As a liar, she is way behind Obama in line, though she's just as skilled. There are many liars in front of her in line, starting with Obama, himself. You can count on a lie coming out of the mouths of ANY Obama “minion” every time he/she is asked a question, so you can always tell what the truth is: just the opposite of the answer.

THE NUMBER ONE CONCERN? Ask a bureaucrat what the number one concern today is, and, following Obama’s lead, they will reply, “climate change,” or “global warming,” for those who haven’t gotten the memo. But they’re WRONG. Climate change, as it is currently meant, is a massive swindle AlGore used to make himself a multi-millionaire and which Obama has seized upon to make a lot of money for himself, and gain a lot more power. Climate change is NOT “man-made. It is CYCLICAL and cannot be changed by ANYTHING man can do. That’s a fact. It IS.

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