Monday, March 31, 2014

Dems To Run On Obamacare

The word is that many Democrats are going to run on a “We’ll fix Obamacare” ticket. And they expect us to be stupid enough to believe that. Frankly, there IS no “fixing” Obamacare. It is fatally flawed. It is unconstitutional. It is a “protection racket” run by the government. There can BE no “fixing” it. Republicans want to repeal it and REPLACE it. That won’t work, either. It should NOT be “replaced” by ANYTHING. The old system was as least AFFORDABLE to many people (not me), but you weren’t FORCED to buy it.

“COMMUNIST AMERICA”: That’s what Obama is building. Pro communists will ridicule me for saying this, of course, because the communist word is that “communism is dead” since it “collapsed” in Russia But it didn’t. That was a ruse to “put us to sleep,” and that’s what Gorbachev told his lawmaking body. That's on the record. And it worked. Just suggest that communism is still “alive and well” and you get laughed at and ridiculed. And you will continue to be laughed at until this is “Communist America.”

POLAR BEARS DYING A CON: The whole idea of people driving gasoline powered cars killing Polar bears with air pollution is absurd. There’s only one problem. The number of polar bears in existence is INCREASING. Remember that picture showing a couple of polar bears on a presumably “shrinking” slab of ice? That was a con, too. It was made to look like that was the only ice slab left in the world; it wasn’t. The photo was taken to make it LOOK like the bears were “stranded.” They were NOT. Polar bears can swim for hundreds of miles in the coldest water imaginable.” Further, there are more ice floes appearing than melting. It’s all a scam, folks. And your government and the UN are joining the scam.

RIOTS OVER POLICE BRUTALITY: Twice in New Mexico recently, men were shot to death by cops when it didn’t need to happen. Neither man was armed (one had his back to the cops and his hands in the air), and the “reports” were falsified to make it LOOK like the cops were justified. They weren’t. Now citizens in the area are demonstrating and the same cops are “turned out” to quell them. I’ll be surprised if a number of demonstrators aren’t shot to death by the same trigger-happy cops. The only “riot” there is what the COPS are doing. This is not an “anti-cop” piece, it’s an “anti-killer cop” piece against cops who kill indiscriminately.

KOREA IS FIGHTING: They’re both (North and South) having “maneuvers” and firing into the other’s territory. Nobody has been hit yet (that we know of) but if they keep it up, war is inevitable. At the same time, Russia is taking over every territory it thinks it can get away with. How do we keep peace in the world with such people running things? I guess Kim wants even all males in the south to wear his ridiculous-looking haircut, too.

MUST KEEP COUNTERFEITING: The new boss at “The Fed” says, “in view of the current economic situation, we must continue our ‘quantitative easing’ (counterfeiting) operation.” They’ve been propping up the stock market with massive infusions of “funny money” for so long now, that if they stop the markets will collapse like you’re never seen before. So they’ll keep printing counterfeit money.

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