Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Turn America Into Nuclear Waste?"

Sounds like cold war "saber rattling, doesn't it? That’s what one Russian news anchor says, and he’s right, as long as Obama is in charge. Obama is busily DISARMING us in the face of many threats that he discounts. He’s reducing the military size to levels only seen before WWII. He’s “parking” ALL out carriers in the same place, INVITING an attack much like pearl Harbor, which was the LAST time our entire carrier fleet was parked in the same place. He discounts Russia’s nuclear arsenal, which hasn’t been reduced by that phony “change” in Russia, from communism to socialism, with the SAME PEOPLE “in charge.

WHITE HOUSE IN DENIAL: They say, “Obama will be an asset for Democrats in this election.” What PLANET are they living on? Obama is at the lowest point in HISTORY as far as his “approval numbers” are concerned. Democrats all over the nation want nothing to do with him. Many have quietly asked him to “stay away” so they can get re-elected. Yet the White House thinks Obama is an “ASSET?” Maybe he would be if he just sits on his asset. But they’re going to learn that going too far is no way to get re-elected.

SOMEBODY BOUGHT THE JUDGE: Remember the judge that granted an injunction against the ATF raiding Ares Armor to get their customer list and $300,000.00 worth of inventory? Somebody got to her/him. I don’t know if they paid the judge off or just intimidated him/her, but get to the judge they did. So now the raid and stealing their customer list and all that inventory (which would BREAK me) is “legal.” But that is a worse situation than ATF just “barging in” in spite of the injunction. It shows that all it takes is one judge’s decision to make the illegal legal. And you can bet Obama has taken notice of that.

WORRIED ABOUT PRINTING MONEY: But it’s not what you might think. They’re now worried about the president STOPPING the printing of Monopoly money and how that will effect the market, which his printing of phone money “propped up.” He’s been doing it for so long the markets have come to depend on it, and when he stops, they’re looking at a BIG “adjustment,” their word for “disaster.” Obama has so screwed up the economy and its workings, now they’re worried about the effect it will have if he STOPS stealing our money by creating inflation. Damn!

STOP TRASHING OBAMA: That's what some people say. Mostly Democrats. Why? There’s nobody in this world who can affect me, personally, who needs “trashing” more than Obama. He came from nowhere and conned his way into the Oval Office. He acts like a king and operates as if he were. He hid his past while rising, and when he got into a position of power he “solidified” the refusal of information about himself. That tells me conclusively there’s SOMETHING there he doesn’t want the world to know. He has spent ALL of our money, and then some. He’s spent more money than ALL former presidents, COMBINED! He has so screwed up our economy and our health insurance and medical businesses, we may NEVER recover, years after his death. So why should ANYBODY stop “trashing” Obama?

STUPID PEOPLE: Liberals LOVED Gorbachev and they LOVE Putin. What the hell FOR? Both are responsible for the deaths of many people. Gorbachev not for as many as Putin because he was premier for such a short time before the Soviet Union “collapsed.” But communism is responsible for MANY deaths. Socialism is just a slightly different (cosmetic) form of COLLECTIVISM from communism, which means it’s “business as usual” in Russia, just under a different name. What the hell is there about collectivism that makes so many people stupid? It’s like there’s something in the air that makes people stupid. And still now they want to inflict it on us, and Obama is all in favor of it. He took the stupid pills early in his life.

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