Monday, March 17, 2014

Stupid Politicians

At least one politician in the Oklahoma State Capitol was “nervous” about the guns on the hips of the visiting sheriffs being shown through the building, so the Sergeant At Arms told the sheriffs to “leave their guns behind.” And when they refused, he gave them two choices: either comply or leave. So they left. These are the guys who are PROTECTING them, and they have no respect for them at all. It’ll be a slow response next time a gun-wielding crazy invades that state house. Stupid, stupid!

CALIFORNIA BECOMING DETROIT: A Blaze article details six reasons why California is “becoming Detroit.” But I don’t need to read the article to know it, and why. One reason: “liberal rule.” Wherever liberals run things, bankruptcy is inevitable eventually because their very POLICIES guarantee it. They believe PROFIT is “eeevvil! They hate the “producers of profit,” yet they steal as much of that profit as they can through taxes. In California’s specific case, they’re “giving away their water” while the entire state is in drought condition—and they’re too stupid and incompetent to know it.

WESTBORO PASTOR NEAR DEATH: The pastor of the church that infamously pickets and makes fun of soldiers killed in service at their funerals is dying. He’s “near death,” and many are saying God is “getting his revenge.” I’d like to believe that, too. Bbut the man is 84 years old, and is lucky to have lived this long. Christians think God does things like this. I don’t. I believe in a supreme being that “orders this universe.” But I don’t believe all the folderol about Him wanting me (and everybody else) to “worship” Him. Such a being probably isn’t even aware of my existence, except in the abstract of His superior knowledge. If He is capable of ordering this complicated universe, He is CERTAINLY above wanting me (or anybody else) to worship him. He wouldn’t give a damn. So now you can “flame” me for not believing the same way you do.

VOTING FOR STUPID: Vladimir Lenin (Soviet Union dictator) was voted in, as was one of his successors, Joseph Stalin. Adolph Hitler, (German dictator and the cause of WWII) was also voted in. Now the Crimea  has voted to return to the “rule” of Russia with the former head of their “secret police” as it’s current president. History is rife with instances of a populace voting for their own enslavement. I believe WE (not me) did it when we voted Obama in, TWICE. Will people never learn?

ATF VIOLATES THE LAW: Ares Armor refused to give up its customer list to ATF, so they took it anyway. Yesterday, we reported that they left, after being faced with a restraining order, but apparently, they didn’t. Not being able to intimidate the owners with threats, they just TOOK what they wanted, at gunpoint, as thugs usually do. And does anybody expect anything to be done about it? I certainly don’t; not as long as that criminal is in the White House. He probably told them to do it. Update: the judge "reversed" him/herself. Somebody "got to" him/her. With either money or intimidation. Now what was illegal is now "legal and all it took was ONE judge's decision.

NEW THEORY: Now some people are saying that Communist China “shot down” that Malaysian airliner and the reason we can’t find the wreckage is because it is in Chinese search territory, which China will not admit. I wouldn’t put it past them. The United states doesn’t look at communist China the same way they did during the “cold war.” Since the “fall” of the Soviet Union, we have looked upon China as much less of a threat to America and they are even loaning us money since Obama spent everything we had, and then some. We’re now DEPENDENT upon them, and if they started “calling in” the loans, we would be in big trouble But that doesn’t mean China has changed a bit from “the old days.”

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