Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lies to Cover Lies

That’s Harry. Harry Reid is now denying he ever called the Obamacare “horror stories” lies. I guess he’s to old and feeble to understand that we have him on videotape saying just that. Maybe he just “isn’t learned” about videos, as he said Americans “aren’t learned” about the Internet. Maybe in his senility he just doesn’t remember. Boy, we really have some STUPID ones in Congress, don’t we? This guy is an embarrassment with all that egg on his face.

HOW DID HARRY BECOME A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE? He came to the Congress without a lot of money. Yes, he WAS a millionaire. Now he is a MULTI-millionaire. How did he do it? With all the graft he has participated in as Majority Leader, plus the shady land deals he’s done, using his position as leverage. This man’s picture is next to the definition of “corrupt politician” in the Encyclopedia.

EVERY DAY A SCANDAL: What is it with the Democrats? Have they lost their ability to cover up their crimes? They didn’t used to get caught so much as they are, now. Sure, there have been a few Republicans “scooped up” in scandal. That’s to be expected of politicians, whatever party. But it seems like ALL the “dirty politicians” they find today are Democrats. Maybe it’s because they’re so susceptible. They just can’t help themselves. They want to “get theirs” while they still can.

WHEN IT’S A REPUBLICAN… Have you ever noticed that when a Republican gets in trouble, his party is mentioned in the FIRST SENTENCE of every news story about it? But when a Democrat gets caught with his pants down, you have to do a Google search to find out he’s a Democrat. Democrats do a good job of HIDING Democrat connections to ANY scandal and we usually find out they’re Democrats in the very last paragraph of any news story, if it’s there, at all.

REFUSING TO “TOE THE LINE”: Kobe Bryant is in trouble. Because he’s black and refuses to condemn George Zimmerman in killing a black thug who was trying to kill him. At no time did Bryant voice SUPPORT for either Zimmerman or Martin. He was only “waiting for the facts.” Apparently that’s not enough when you’re black You’re supposed to support the black man REGARDLESS of the facts. They’ll call me racist for this, buy that doesn’t matter to me. And that's a fact.

OBAMACARE WILL KILL DEMOCRATS: Democrats are “in denial” about this. They still say Obamacare will help them win in the next couple of elections. But as we “find out what’s in it” more and more, anger AGAINST democrats increases accordingly. If Democrats score well in the next elections, it will be because of the STUPIDITY of voters. When REAL (informed) voters come out, I don’t think there are enough stupid ones who don’t pay attention to politics to make a difference.

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