Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pre-Emptively Audited

A caller to the rush Limbaugh show told a story about the IRS notifying them that they would be audited for their 2013 taxes, which they have not even filed yet. This is an obvious effort to discourage them from giving money to conservatives or libertarians. The illegality of this is so obvious they should have their lawyer demand the LEGALITY of auditing people even BEFORE their taxes are filed. I wonder how many more Republicans and other conservatives and libertarians are so intimidated?

CANDY CROWLEY WINS AWARD: Remember Candy Crowley? The woman running the Obama/Romney debate who jumped to Obama’s defense when he couldn’t answer  pertinent question? She has now received an award for “excellence in journalism.” For what, I don’t know. In my opinion she should be given her walking papers, instead. As moderator of that debate, she should not have offered ANY help to EITHER candidate, but she did. Right out in the open. She was clearly on Obama’s side, as MOST such moderators seem to be (They're all Democrats, after all), though not as obviously.

There is a distinct movement in America for college graduates wanting to work for NON-PROFITS, rather than for “profit-making” companies. They think they can help the country prosper that way, but they’re wrong. If nobody makes a profit, there is NO MONEY for ANYBODY eventually. Profit is the lubrication that makes the economy work, even if they deny it in their ignorance. This shows the ignorance that has been instilled in college students by liberal professors who make handsome salaries “knocking” the profit motive.

MUSLIMS “MOVING IN”: They have established “zones” IN AMERICA that are ruled by Sharia Law, and in which they execute people (mass murder) as “human sacrifices” to Islam, right here in America! And Obama IGNORES it, to ENABLE it. He is a MUSLIM, or at the very least, a Muslim sympathizer. This should be investigated, but Obama will never allow it because HE would be “swept up” in the investigation. We need to STOP him from ENABLING the “occupation” of America by Muslim terrorists.

The “Bachelor” picked the woman to be the winner of the “Bachelor” show, but didn’t propose to her, and America is OUTRAGED! As if this were the most important thing in the world. Never mind Islamic terrorists are infiltrating the U. S., or that they’re killing innocent Americans all over the world while our president denies it’s happening. Never mind Obama has spent more of our money than there IS and insists on being allowed to spend more, without ANY kind of limit. Or thay his thugs are spying on each and every one of us, whether or not we’re suspected of any crime (except disagreeing with HIM). But they’re outraged that the “Bachelor” didn’t propose to his chosen winner. Talk about misplaced (or non-existent) priorities!

Everybody knows one of the best ways of “stacking the deck” in favor of your position is to appoint people you KNOW will support it, and be very vocal about it. Obama has done so with his appointment of Dr.Vivek Hallengere Murthy, one of his staunchest supporters, who thinks “gun control” is a “health issue” and can be counted on to tout it at every turn.

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