Friday, March 21, 2014

Obama's Communism

I know, I know; the very mention of communism or communists causes many people’s eyes to “glaze over.” But I can’t see any other way to describe Ovomitcare. It’s COMMUNISM It's taking from one group and giving to another.If that makes your eyes glaze over and causes you to stop paying attention to what I say, it’s YOU who will suffer the most in the future. Not me. I won’t be around. The whole idea of conning YOUNG PEOPLE into paying for the medical care needed by OLD FOLKS is communism. Pure and simple. If you buy it, you BECOME a communist.

OBAMA: “COMMUNIST DICTATOR”: I think that’s how Obama sees himself. We’ve all said he thinks he’s king, but we were wrong. A king doesn’t necessarily follow any economic theory. He’s just “the boss.” What he says, GOES; period. A communist dictator follows a set of rules he did not originate, but is determined to enforce on the populace, even if it kills them. It’s a slight difference, I know, and a “difference without a distinction.” Who cares if he’s “following rules” as long as he’s dictating every move of his “subjects.” Then killing them if they don't obey.

PRESIDENT “OVOMIT”: I’ve given Obama a new nickname. I now call him “Ovomit,” because that’s what he induces in me. I want to vomit every time I hear his voice, and the tendency is increased when his voice is accompanied by his image, moving, or not. I have to take a “no vomit” pill whenever I see or hear him. When he comes on my television (frequently) I shut off the sound and do not look in that direction until he’s gone. I’ve seen some bad presidents in my day, but none that make me physically ILL, as he does.

WHY PEOPLE HATE RUSH: Every once in a while I mention the Rush Limbaugh show to people and those who aren’t “Dittoheads” tell me he is an “egotistical bore” then give me examples of what he says that he NEVER said. Then I find that they base their opinions on what others SAY about him and have never listened to him to see what he REALLY says. They have formed their opinion of him on the basis of HEARSAY. The same thing is true of people and their opinion of Sarah Palin. And that hearsay comes from liberal propaganda, for the most part. Not from their own knowledge.

IT’S NOT TRUE: It really amazes me how much people “KNOW” that isn’t so. They listen to the liberal news media and believe. But most of what they hear is NOT TRUE. They need to start researching things to find out what IS true. But, for most people, that’s too much like work, so they don’t do it. They spend their time worrying about who wins this game or that game, and “filling out their brackets.” They spend their time being entertained while Obama rapes them. I’m distressed by the number of times I tell people things I’ve learned and they DENY it because they didn’t hear it in the “news.” Then I find out they assiduously AVOID listening to Fox News, and other people who tell BOTH SIDES of the story. This is how Obama and other such fools take advantage of them.

Nobody in the media, liberal or otherwise, knows how much fuel that missing airliner took on at its last stop. Or they aren’t talking, for some reason. It’s NOT POSSIBLE that “nobody knows.” An airplane does NOT take on thousands of pounds of fuel without a “paper trail.” Somebody has to order it, and somebody has to dispense it. It’s not like filling up a car. There must be a record of it, SOMEWHERE. They just aren’t talking.

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