Sunday, March 16, 2014

ATF "Shut Down"

Ares Armor, which makes plastic gun parts that are legal substitutes for metal gun parts have been DECLARED “illegal" by ATF and they wanted Ares’ customer list so they could intimidate them, plus, they wanted to steal $300,000.00 inventory to augment their own budget. Ares stopped them with a court-ordered restraining order and subsequently stood against their attempts at intimidation. ATF went away empty-handed. A bad day for anti-gun fools and a good day for America.

ARE CONSERVATIVES RACIST? Democrats like to paint conservatives AND Republicans as racists, even though they cannot prove it. And in spite of the fact that the best-known racists in history have been DEMOCRATS. Democrats dominated the KKK; many congressmen were in the KKK, Jim Crow, the southern sheriff who has come to epitomize racism, was a Democrat  Democrats OPPOSED the Voting Rights Act. Democrat Lyndon Johnson whined about “losing the south” after the passage of the Civil Rights Act. Gov. George Wallace was a Democrat, as was racist Gov. Lester Maddox, he of the baseball bat standing in front of a school door. Democrat Sen. John F. Kennedy and Al Gore, Sr. voted against the 1957 Civil Rights Act. I could go on and on, naming many Democrat racists, but I don’t have room here. Point made.

GETTING RID OF COAL: Obama has PROMISED to BANKRUPT the coal industry while ignoring the fact that there is no viable replacement for coal as yet. He CLAIMS that natural gas can replace it, but it can’t. He wants to do away with gasoline engines in cars. He won’t SAY so, but his every action shows it. If he gets rid of coal without a viable replacement, he will have CRIPPLED this country. I think that’s his real goal. He thinks, and has STATED that this country “needs to be taken down a notch,” or words to that effect. Obama is POISON for America!

SHOWING WEAKNESS: The missing Malaysian flight has illustrated a glaring weakness in the system of “vetting” pilots; people who can KILL a lot of people with whose lives they are entrusted regularly. "Authorities" are now positing that a suicidal pilot may be responsible for the plane’s disappearance. America does a lot better job of “vetting” pilots, but other countries do not. Meanwhile, many Americans fly on their airplanes without knowing that. Malaysian “authorities” are now saying the pilot was a “fanatical supporter” of a Malaysian opposition leader who was sent to prison on homosexual charges just before the flight took off. My question is, if they knew that, why was it allowed to take off with that pilot in command?

UNNECESSARY SPENDING: Chicago’s Democrat mayor (and Obama crony Rahm Emmanuel) has spent a lot of taxpayer money to turn the Chicago River green in “honor” of St. Patrick’s Day. And I’m sure mayors all over the country have spent money in a similar fashion, both Democrat and Republican. Politicians like to do things like that to pander to minorities. It’s no wonder spending is out of control today, especially with our Democrat PRESIDENT spending more money than there IS; more money that ALL former presidents, COMBINED.

SHE’S STUPID: Sheila Jackson Lee ought to be removed from her position in Congress for stupidity (If that were possible, we'd lose half of Congress). And I don’t care if she’s black, white, or PURPLE. That makes no difference to me that she HAPPENS to be black. She’s STUPID. She thinks we landed on MARS and that the constitution is 400 YEARS OLD! I think people who pretend to make laws that affect us all should at least be of AVERAGE intelligence. This woman shows her LACK of intelligence every time she opens her mouth. A lot like Nancy Peelosi.

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