Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Agree With Sheila

I don’t often agree with Sheila Jackson-Lee on ANYTHING. What she proposes is usually stupid. But in this case I agree wholeheartedly that the flight recorder on each commercial airplane flying should NOT be able to be ‘turned off” by the pilot. I don’t know why it CAN be, anyway! There is no purpose I can think of for a pilot doing so.

WHO STOPS THEM? Ovomit’s government says they’re creating the “most perfect health care system in the world,” and stopping the insurance companies from screwing you. Which raises the question: What stops Ovomit’s GOVERNMENT from screwing you? So far, they caused the cancellation of plans we COULD afford, replacing them with “one size fits all” plans at TWICE or three times the cost with co-pays in the $THOUSANDS of dollars: essentially NO insurance at all for anything less than a catasttophe. So what’s so great about that?

GOVT CENSORS SAUDI TEXT: America’s government has banned the use of a textbook because its contents might “embarrass” the Saudis. What the hell FOR? Who cares what the Saudis, or any other Muslims think? They don’t care a whit what WE think. You should see some of the offensive crap they publish in their countries. It’s “one-way” with them. We can’t “offend” them, but they can offend us. And if we complain, just kill us.

“SETTLED LAW?” Sen. Mark Udall says, “Obamacare is ‘settled law’ and cannot be reversed.” Only problem here is, there is NO such thing as “settled law.” There IS no law that cannot be changed, or even eliminated by a vote of the right people. This man is STUPID, and stupid people are too stupid to know how stupid they ARE. They think they’re the sharpest knife in the drawer. I hear this “settled law” crap all the time and it’s always some ignorant Democrat saying it.

DEMOCRATS BLAME GOP: Ho, hum. Isn’t it ever thus? They spend more money than there IS, then tell us the reason they can’t spend even more is because of the opposition of the MINORITY party, which can’t stop them from doing ANYTHING. They pee in my shoe ant tell me it's rain. The Democrats recently sent out a fund-raising letter in which they say they “could accomplish a lot more if the Republicans weren’t there to oppose them.” What? Do they mean they could spend a lot more if they were unopposed? Do they mean they could take away even more of our rights if the GOP were not there? What fools do they take us for? (Rhetorical question)

MICHELLE IN EXPENSIVE SUITE: What gives her the right to spend more than $8,000.00 A NIGHT for space in a hotel in communist China? She’s not a diplomat. She’s just the WIFE of a politician and she brought her MOM and her daughters along, and her mom is giving hotel staff a hard time. Why are THEY along? And who is paying for all this? I’m sure SHE )her mom) can’t afford it. The Obamas are clearly taking full advantage of their positions, as long as that lasts. Which may be forever, if Obama has his way. I’m getting tired of paying their extravagant bills.

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