Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Politics Isn't Pretty

Politicians in several countries are “discussing” the missing Malaysian airplane. Already there are many conspiracy theories springing up about the incident, chiefly because of the “Soviet-style” secrecy and lies of the Malaysian government about it. I watched, on television, the gathering of what must have been several hundred politicians and “experts” sitting on both sides of a huge table to “discuss” it, and decide what “story” to tell about it, along with probably several hundred “aides” and “associates (secretaries)”. It borders on the ridiculous.

IT’S ALWAYS SOMETHING: We’ve been cursed with a long, cold and snowy winter and it seems to be winding down (I hope). Now all we have to worry about is the runoff from last September’s heavy rains and from snow. Then when that’s over, there’s the “forest fire season,” and a lot of HOT weather to suffer through. It’s almost like Colorado has only TWO seasons: cold and hot, with a period of flooding in between. And it has been that way for years, coming in cycles, AlGore’s lies notwithstanding.

HOW STUPID THEY THINK WE ARE! What Obama’s thugs are preaching today is that they have “successfully removed” the ONLY reason for working: getting health insurance. They’re telling gullible voters that the ONLY reason to work is to get this insurance. They think we don’t know that we must work in order to LIVE. In order to pay the rent or mortgage, keep the lights burning, buy food, pay for our cars and the insurance THAT requires, etc. Health insurance is NOT the only reason to work, and never has been. But they’re trying to convince us it is so we'll buy their con. It’s sickening what they think we’ll believe.

WE WON, BUT WE LOST: Debbie Wassermann Schultz, amazingly still Democrat National Committee chair, even though a Republican won the seat that was supposed to be a “safe seat” for Democrats in Florida, because we didn’t win by a large margin says that just proves Republicans are weak. Schultz is one of the best-known Democrat liars (outside of Obama himself and maybe his "press flack:") out there. And she’s usually a better “spinner” that that, but I suspect she’s getting tired of defending Obama’s fallacies.

HILLARY’S NOT UNBEATABLE: The story among Democrats is that, somehow, Hillary Clinton is “unbeatable” and if (IF) she runs, it’s “all over.” Not so. Not NEARLY so. Benghazi included, she has way too many negatives in her past. Like her weak response to her “skirt-chasing” husband’s escapades to her miserable performance in that “payback for laying down” job as Secretary of State. She has shown herself to be incompetent to hold ANY high office, much less the presidency, and Democrats are stupid to promote her. But then they’re probably ready to steal another election as they did TWICE for Obama.

“CLINGING TO GLOBAL WARMING”: Politicians (mostly Democrats) “cling to” their global warming and climate change (as it is now known) fantasies even after more than FIFTEEN YEARS with no discernible warming of this globe. Even Obama has “bought it,” mostly because pushing it can give him even more power and more tax money, supposedly to “fight” a NON-EXISTENT “problem. AlGore (former veep) used it to make himself a BILLIONAIRE. Obama intends to use it to con us out of more $TRILLIONS and even more power.

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