Monday, March 3, 2014

Python Eats Croc

I know it’s hard to believe, but a python and an alligator had an epic battle that lasted FIVE HOURS and the python won. Then he swallowed the gator whole. That long battle must have really made him hungry. The lesson here? Never underestimate the appetite of a python. That alligator did—but he won’t again. Think about it: that python is like Russia revitalized. Never underestimate them.

MAN SUES BECAUSE HE DIDN’T GET A SECOND NAPKIN: Some people are ready to sue over ANYTHING. This guy sued McDonald’s because they wouldn’t give him another napkin with his “Happy Meal.” This is a consummate MISUSE of the court system, and any intelligent judge will throw it out of court, and him with it. But with the large number of liberal (stupid) judges, it probably won’t be. They will probably take it seriously enough to actually try it, wasting a lot of time and money.

“UNCOUTH REDNECKS: Anti-gun fools like to paint people who value their right to self-defense and to own the means to that, a gun, as “uncouth rednecks” who are always belching, farting, and scratching their genitals in public. Frankly, I don’t respect their efforts much because I’ve seen many liberals belching, farting, and scratching their genitals in public. But then, liberals like to accuse others of things THEY do on a regular basis and criticize them for it,

NOT “HAPPY PLACE” ANY MORE”: Disney wants to stop their funding for the Boy Scouts because of their (The Boy Scouts) ban on gay scout leaders. Disney, by definition, “targets” children in just about everything they do. So why should they want to ENCOURAGE an outfit that works ONLY with BOYS to allow gay scout masters? I know being gay doesn’t necessarily mean they like young boys, but why take chances? These men are their “role models.” Why let guys who like guys be their role models? What they do in their bedrooms doesn’t matter to me. What they teach our children, even by example, DOES.

WHY IS HE SO DAMNED POPULAR? Bill Clinton is one of the most popular former presidents still living. WHY? He used his offices to screw everybody he could, and if they didn’t want to, he raped them. He got oral sex in the White House while a notorious terrorist waited in the outer office to see him. He was IMPEACHED for lying to Congress about it, and only escaped being removed from office by knowing where the bodies were buried, maybe having buried a few, himself. What is there about this fool to like?

TOTAL BULLSH-T: Bill Crystol told Bill Maher is was “total bullsh-t” to say the Tea Parties were created because we had a black president. Seems to me liberals ignore the fact that he was ELECTED by those same people. The Tea Parties started as a protest against Obama’s POLICIES, and had nothing to do with the color of his skin. He CHOOSES to be black so he can make such claims, which are just one of his many LIES. Maher needs to get a brain.

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