Sunday, March 9, 2014

Not So Smart Cop

Remember the war hero who told the Conn. Legislature he “would not comply” with their insane, unconstitutional gun laws? Apparently one cop took offense to that, and told him, “I can’t wait to get the order to kick in your door.” That tells me that cop isn’t too bright. He knows the law he’s talking about is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and thus is NO LAW AT ALL. Nobody is required to obey it, based on the Supreme Court, itself (Marbry v. Madison). Kicking in this guy’s door might be the last thing he ever does when a polite knock on that door might leave him alive..

THE WHOLE POINT: That’s the whole point of the Second Amendment; defense from corrupt “authorities” who are enforcing non-existent laws. One Conn. legislator, David Yaccarino, displayed significant IGORANCE about the Constitution when he told The guy who said he “would not comply” with Connecticut’s insane gun law that the “Second Amendment was written so the colonists could attack the British” when the Second Amendment was not even written UNTIL after THE American Revolution was OVER.

PALIN TO RUN? She said unequivocally that “If nobody better is found, she will run.” And she would be a strong candidate, no matter what RINOS say. She is NOT “too far right.” She is just more right that THEY are. And that is where a majority of human beings are. The want smaller government, fewer taxes, less spending, and more freedom. That’s what SHE stands for.  She is NOT “too far right!” If she runs, she will WIN! Unless more than 50% of Americans want a “free ride” and don’t care about anything else, or the Democrats steal the election.. Even so, she’s the best hope the GOP has, or ever WILL have, with the current crop of possible candidates.

“STALIN’S PURGE”: Is Obama following Stalin’s (A Russian communist dictator, for those who pay no attention to politics) purge of military officers who have stated their opposition to his policies? According to Richard Anthony in “Freedom Outpost,” He IS purging the ranks of military officers who are loyal to this COUNTRY, but not to HIM. He says he is “downsizing the military” (while we are at WAR on two fronts, whether or not he admits it), but he is “purging” it of officers who are loyal to the COUNTRY, and not to HIM. History repeats, again.

FOLLOWING STALIN: Obama is following the actions of Stalin and other communist dictators in his quest to make America communism’s next “showcase country” after communist Russia collapsed. (You can believe that or not, it is TRUTH. If you can’t see it, I feel sorry for you.) One of Hitler’s (the socialist dictator of Germany who started WWII, for those who “pay no attention to politics”) policies was to take over what is taught in schools because he figured that “If you can condition the children when they’re young, you’ll have less trouble with them later.” History repeats, again.

But all the FISA court did was limit them to keeping the data they were not entitled to “collect” in the first place for more than five years. Does ANYBODY believe they will obey that order? Once they HAVE the data it will be there FOREVER. Hidden somewhere, if necessary. Maybe in IRS files which you will NEVER see. In any case, they are experts at hiding what they do. NEVER expect the federal government to “scrap” information in their files, no matter what any court says.

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