Thursday, March 6, 2014

"Annoying Actions"

Grand Rapids, MI has for a time had a law against “willfully annoying actions.” They just apparently had an epiphany and repealed it. It is unconstitutionally vague and subject to DEFINITION by the complainer. There are things that would be “annoying” to one person, but perfectly logical to another. Liberals are not known for being logical, so they could use that law to “shut up” their opponents without answering the questions they raise.

JUST LIKE HITLER: Hillary may have accidentally hit on something. The other day she said what Russia is doing is exactly what Hitler and the Nazis did before WWII. Very perceptive. He said, “My people are suffering. I must protect them,” and invaded country after country on that excuse. Putin learned from that and is doing exactly the same thing today. Hillary must have realized the truth or what she said and how it would effect foreign policy, and is now “ backing away” from it. But that makes it no less true. Obama must have had a few words with her.

HIS MAJESTY DICTATES: “Now come and hear this announcement by His Majesty, King of America, Barack Obama! No more will the people’s health insurance policies be cancelled—until after the election, so we can continue to fool the people and elect many more Democrats and all current Democrats may continue in office. THEN, after the election, we will continue to ‘browbeat and repress’ the people after Democrats have been safely elected and re-elected! Thus spake His Majesty! It shall be so!”

"DON'T STAND AGAINST DEMOCRATS": Republicans should not speak out against Democrat policies because the people don’t like it.” That’s what DEMOCRATS tell Republicans. And they really expect Republicans to believe this crap and never speak out against their policies. “That’s the way to win elections,” they say. Does ANYBODY with any intelligence believe Democrats are interested in helping Republicans win elections? If you do, I have a bridge I want to sell you. Damn, I’m really tired of Democrats insulting my intelligence!

THEY CAN’T DO IT BY LAW: So the anti-gun fools resort to “pressure” on social media networks. They are outing pressure on them to eliminate what they call “illegal gun sites.” But what they’re after is to eliminate ANY MENTION of guns on Facebook or other such sites. They fail almost every time the try and get blatantly unconstitutional laws made to take guns away from honest, reliable people, so they go around” the law by pressuring people to remove any mention of guns from social networking sites. They try everything they can to “get around” the Constitution, including making guns impossible to use by banning ammunition. Ammunition is not protected by the Constitution, but without it, guns are useless.

ANCHOR QUITS: Liz Wahl, an American anchor on the Russian owned “Russia Today” network, got enough of it, and quit, right on the air. She said, “I am proud to be an American and could no longer be a part of a network that whitewashes the actions of Putin.” She’s lucky she’s in America. If she tried that in Russia, she’d just “disappear” and never be heard from again. She’ll be lucky Putin doesn’t put out a “hit” on her, anyway. That’s how he operates. He brooks no opposition and kills as quickly as he brushes his teeth (if he does brush his teeth).

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