Saturday, March 22, 2014

Suspended for Supporting Constitution

That’s right. A school child was suspended because he refused to turn his shirt inside-out. What was so objectionable? It said “NRA on the front and quoted the Second Amendment on the back. That’s jist orful! To support the CONSTITUTION? Send him to JAIL! With liberals running our schools, I’m not surprised at this. Maybe he should hold up the principal with his finger stuck out like a gun. I’m sure he’d do as ordered because “finger guns” frighten them.

RUSSIA BANS TOP AMERICANS: In response to Ovomit’s “sanctions,” placed on Russia for its unlawful “annexing” of the Crimea, Russia is now telling top American politicians they cannot come to Russia. You know, people like Harry Reid, Ovomit, of course, and others. What I want to know is, why would they WANT to go to Russia? Especially at this time? I wouldn’t want to go to Russia at ANY time. They actually think they’re “doing us harm” by this.

“RICH SHOULD PAY MORE TAXES”: That’s what actress Kristen Bell says—as if the rich DON’T pay more taxes. They pay more in income taxes than any other group, AS a group. Where the hell is SHE coming from? What has she been SMOKING? What HOLE has she been living in? If she wants to give more of the money she EARNS to the feds, she certainly can. But I don’t see her getting in line to do so. Come to think of it, I don’t even SEE a line.

SCARING PEOPLE AWAY: Why did Obama’s thugs raid Ares Armor? They had to even “get to” a judge in order to “legally” storm this gun parts store. How they did it, I don’t know. The “excuse” was that Ares was selling a completely legal gun part but what they REALLY wanted was their customer records so they could go around and intimidate them. If you bought ANYTHING that came originally from Ares, you can expect a visit from Ovomit’s thugs. They went in with armed, armored troops, “cracked” their safe, and walked off with millions of dollars in inventory and ALL their customer information.

TAKING STUPID PILLS: Nancy Peelosi is still taking her “stupid pills” on a regular basis, it seems. AGAIN she’s telling us that Obamacare is a “winner” in the next two elections. What planet has she been living on lately? Or has she been hiding in one of Osama’s caves? A MAJORITY of Americans want nothing to do with Obamacare and they believe (rightly) that they’re going to have to get rid of Ovomit to accomplish it. And she thinks it’s “a winner?” Boy, Democrats are going to be surprised when most of them are “run out of DC on a rail.”

LIBERALS TELL THE TRUTH: Not on purpose, of course. Whatever that say can be read exactly OPPOSITE to what is true. So whenever they say ANYTHING, you can be sure it is a LIE, and the truth is just the opposite. It’s as dependable as the sun coming up in the morning and going down at night. When Nancy says “Obamacare is a winner,” we can be sure she’s frightened it ISN’T. When Ovomit says, “You can keep your insurance and your doctor,” you KNOW it’s a LIE. You can depend on it.

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