Monday, March 10, 2014

Trampling Rights

Suzanne Hammer, with the “Freedom Outpost” says the Fourth Amendment has been literally obliterated by the passage of the Patriot Act, The National defense Authorization Act, and the “collection” of personal data by the NSA in violation of the Fourth Amendment, but she is wrong. A simple LAW cannot “obliterate” a constitutional amendment, no matter how much politicians want us to think so. As they continue to trample our rights under these laws, they are VIOLATING their oath of office, where they promised to DEFEND the Constitution, not “push it aside,” as they have done.

I EXPECT A VISIT: Truly, I expect a visit from some men in dark suits, wearing dark glasses (acting as masks so they can’t be identified later) to ask me why I’ve said some things I’ve said. Their main complaint will be my objections to Obama trampling our rights, though they will really want to shut me up so I can no longer reveal their violations of the Constitution in the name of the law. I will not let them in, and they will have to FORCE their way into my house. I’m a 76-year-old man who can barely stand, much less fight off several husky young men with (what they think) is “right on their side,” so They’ll probably win. It might not happen soon, but it WILL happen, when they get enough of me revealing their secrets.

“ENABLING TERRORISM”: The Pentagon (echoing Obama) says “Climate Change enables terrorism.” That’s a new claim for a non-existent problem. I say “non-existent problem” because climate change is a scam. A SWINDLE originated by former VP AlGore to make himself rich. And it has, He was a mere millionaire when he started this swindle, but he is now a BILLIONAIRE. Obama has “jumped on the bandwagon” to make himself rich with the backing of the federal government.

ENFORCING ILLEGAL LAW: That cop who told the war hero who told the Conn. Legislature he “would not comply” with their unconstitutional gun law that he couldn’t wait until he got the order to “kick in his door” better be wearing his bullet-proof suit when he does. Self-defense against corrupt cops enforcing an ILLEGAL law is NOT against the law (If the law is applied properly, which is unlikely under Obama) and this cop could get shot trying if he does anything except knock politely on that door.

I WOULDN’T PUT IT PAST THEM: Authorities are wondering about the possibility that the passenger airplane that disappeared was shot down by a missile. They cite the “fact” that 10,000 missiles were stolen from Libya while we were helping depose Khaddaffi. Something that was NOT reported widely in the liberal media—not that I saw, anyway. Which means terrorists probably got some, and with their inclination to kill INNOCENT people to make a point, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be true. We need to change our policies about them. We need to just kill them when and where we find them, not imprison them and TRY to prosecute them, giving their friends opportunities to threaten something bad if they’re not released.

SUCKER PUNCHING GAME RACIST: No, not white/black racist, as liberals would want you to think, but black/white racist because, so far, ALL the victims of “the game” are WHITE. And many are “easy targets” (old men or women, or young boys or girls). They never take on a big white guy, who might just beat the hell out of them. I think the whole thing is a “game” for cowards to let them feel good.

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