Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Russia's On the Move

They’re massing in areas very close to the Ukrainian border and are talking about doing similar things in Estonia, another former Soviet “satellite.” It looks like they’re beginning a drive to reunite all their former satellites back into Russia, thus reversing that phony “collapse" of the Soviet Union, designed to “put the Americans to sleep (per the then Soviet Premier, Mikhail Gorbachev, in a speech to Russia’s lawmaking body). And it worked. Ask any politician today, and they scoff at the whole idea that Russia is still a threat. They will still be scoffing when Russia takes over their country.

WHAT DRIVES REID? What insane thoughts drive people like Harry Reid and Sen. Feinstein, and others who think the Constitution means NOTHING? They go about, every day, CONSPIRING to usurp the Constitution, something they each and every one SWORE to PROTECT AND DEFEND? Reid HATES “rich people.” Yet he is one of the richest, mostly from “shady” land deals that resulted from his position as Majority Leader. Most liberals, in Congress and without, are rich. Mostly inherited wealth from people long dead. And they want to PREVENT an “upstart” from joining them.

USING INERTIA: Russia is taking advantage of natural “inertia” in our reaction to it’s “takeover” in the Crimea. As we did when Hitler moved into other countries such as Poland, we tried every DIPLOMATIC way we could to inhibit his moves, but it didn’t work. By the time we realized this, it was almost too late. He had already “taken over” most of Europe and was eying the middle east and China. Unfortunately, at the same time, Japan was also trying to expand its holdings, so we were eventually FORCED to fight a war on TWO FRONTS. We are in a similar situation now, and our incompetent politicians will not believe it and take real action.

WE’RE STUPID: And Obama is a “saint,” according to Joe (Big Mouth, No Brain) Biden. Typically, the stupid don’t even realize they ARE stupid. In fact, they think they’re the smartest people around. That perfectly describes Joe Biden. Obama picked him for VP because he knew how stupid he was, and that he would be easy to manipulate. He was right, and "ol' Joe has proved him right every day.

OBAMACARE WON’T FAIL: That’s according to “The Hill" and Amy Stoddard, its editor. She’s basing that on the fact that, even though Obama was universally disliked in 2012, he was STILL re-elected. Of course, that disregards entirely the fact that he STOLE that election, AND the one that got him elected in the first place. That’s why he never wavered in his faith at being elected and re-elected. He know “the fix was in,” created by “the powers that be” who wanted an unknown communist, socialist, and Muslim to become president.

WHAT’S WRONG WITH LEGISLATORS? They KNOW when they’re elected that the laws they make are CONTROLLED by the Constitution. They swear to UPHOLD that Constitution when they are admitted to their lawmaking bodies. Then they immediately go out and introduce UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS and many of them VOTE for them. They know there’s no PUNISHMENT for introducing OR voting for an unconstitutional law, so they figure they’re safe. We need to add an amendment providing for that punishment so they can no longer treat the Constitution with disregard after PROMISING to UPHOLD and DEFEND it.

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