Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Greed and Jealousy

 The whole idea of making “the rich” pay more taxes is simply greed and jealousy. Greed because “the rich: have more money than those wishing for them to pay more taxes, and jealousy because they don’t have as much money as the rich and they figure if they (the rich) pay more taxes, maybe some of it will come their way. The fact is, “the rich (those who EARN their riches)” ALREADY pay 86% of income taxes paid. How much more can be taken from them?

ABSURD CHARGES: You can always tell who it is that frightens liberals the most. They are the ones they file the most phony “ethics” charges against, and lie about the most. Sarah Palin is the best example today. Those phony ethics charges against her were the reason she resigned as governor of Alaska. Then they used her very resignation against her, claiming she was “just a quitter” when she resigned to keep the State of Alaska from having to spend a lot of money defending her.

THEY CAN’T EVEN BUILD A WEB SITE: Then how can they be expected to run the medical business when they have absolutely NO education on medical issues? The same goes for the health insurance industry. Insurance companies have numerous people whose only job is to figure out WHAT needs to be covered in each policy and how much to charge. But now Obama gets to DICTATE what they cover in an incompetent “one size fits all” plan that costs people a lot more because it included things people do NOT need—such as birth coverage for 80-year-old MEN. And it has deductibles in the multi-thousand dollar range, which makes it USELESS as an insurance policy unless you have a catastrophic problem.

“FOX NEWS ALERT”: I’ve talked before about the overuse of the “breaking news” banner by Fox News. Right now they have a “Fox News Alert” announcing Obama meeting with the World Series winning team. That, to me, is NOT an “alert.” That’s mundane, every day news. What is there at Fox that is NOT a “Fox News Alert?” Talk about “the sky is falling” approach to the news! The use of that banner is supposed to get your attention and make you listen. It has the opposite effect on me, and I’m sure many others. Fox has “shouted wolf” way too often.

PLUGGING A STORY, THEN NOTHING: Just before a commercial break, Fox, AND every other news source plugs A story. But when they come back, move on to something else, leaving us “in the lurch” wondering about that story. Of course, they cover it some time later, but maybe I’m paying attention to something else then. That’s irritating. They just plugged a story about a “tragedy” in NASCAR champion Jimmy Johnson’s life (at about 10AM) and they’re back on Obama meeting with the Red Sox. It’s now several hours later and we’ve gone through several other shows and nothing about Jimmy Johnson. (Update: 5 PM and nothing yet.)

IRAN KIDNAPPER AS EMBASSY “INTERPRETER”: Iran is now sending one of the KIDNAPPERS of those embassy people in Iran as an “interpreter” for Iran.  It’s bad enough that one of those kidnappers was their PRESIDENT. Now they want to send one HERE as an embassy employee. I predict that he will be found to be a SPY sent under the COVER of an interpreter. Damn, they think were STUPID. And as long as Obama is in charge, we ARE. We should have made a trash pile of iran when it happened.

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