Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bloomberg's Outrageous Claims

He says, since crime rate went down while he was mayor, he should be credited with saving 92,000 lives. Poppycock! Numbers can be made to say anything you want them to say if you're willing to phony them up, but there are not any numbers available as to how many people DIED because of the stupid anti-gun laws in New York. They don’t keep those numbers so they don’t have to report them. It amazes me how politicians like him can “cherry-pick numbers” to prove something that didn’t happen at all. And they BELIEVE their numbers!

POST OFFICE GLOATS: They’re happy that UPS and FedEx have had trouble keeping their “on-time delivery” promise because they haven’t had any such problems. But since nobody expects the Post Office to keep its promises (being a government agency) anyway. Which is probably why they didn’t have any such problems. They think that shows that they can do a better job than UPS/FedEx. They’re wrong. They are the “buggy-whip makers” of today. Their business is drying up because it is now outmoded and, instead of streamlining it, they raise the price. How stupid is THAT?

I’M NOT SURPRISED: Florida is set to overtake New York in terms of population. New York has very high taxes (no matter how much they advertise  for new business by forgiving taxes for a while), snow and ice in the winter and extremely hot weather in the summer, plus extremely high rents and other costs of living; while Florida has “balmy” weather year-round, much lower taxes, much lower cost of living, and fewer rats. Plus, they have sensible and logical gun laws. What’s not to like about Florida?

SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW? Just saw a blurb on Fox News about people going to the Super Bowl facing inflated hotel rates. So what else is new? They ALWAYS raise their rates sky high in super Bowl cities while they get the chance. And that’s not even limited to the Super Bowl. Have you ever gone to a NASCAR race? TRY and find a hotel room (other than a sleaze bag hotel) at a decent price. How about Indy during the 500 mile race? Or at any other large sports event that pulls in a lot of fans.

MAKING US DEPENDENT: That’s what Obama is doing, right in front of us, and we (not me) don’t know it. His policies have made it almost impossible to get a real job, while increasing the amount of time he pays us not to work (unemployment). He thinks we don’t notice that (and those who pay no attention to politics don’t). But enough of us do notice to make a difference (I hope). But if not, we become more and more dependent on government each day—which makes many of us more and more susceptible to socialist propaganda.

A & E DIDN’T “CAVE IN”: Yes, they reinstated Phil Robertson after nine days of “suspension” (I expected that) that happened to occur at a time when shooting was on hiatus, anyway. So he didn’t lose any money and got a nine-day vacation—which he would have gotten anyway, right along with the rest of the cast. Meanwhile, A & E got a billion dollars in free publicity for that show, which will result in more viewers. Can you say, “publicity stunt?”

NO LAW ATALL: The bills Obama had signed “into law” by autopen while he was on vacation are not laws at all. Because they were NOT signed by the president, and could be constitutionally challenged in court. ANYTHING could be “signed into law” that way, any time. Presidentially approved or not. I don’t know what Obama thinks he’s doing, but this is just one way he has  violated the Constitution he swore to uphold.

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