Friday, January 24, 2014

Obama: "No Respect"

When meeting with NBA champs, Obama (Zero) whines about “getting no respect,” like he should get it, unearned. For my part, he has not only NOT done anything to MERIT “respect,” he has done everything he can to NOT merit respect. So like that well-known comic, he can twist his tie and moan, “I get no respect” all he wants, and until he does something to MERIT respect, he will get none, at least, not from me or mine. The American Overlook says, “Apparently the mean bullies in Washington, D.C have hurt the president’s feelings. I wonder if he cries on his pillow at night?

“SMALL AND MODEST BILL”: That’s what John Conyers, congressman from Michigan (Democrat, of course) says about Obama’s health care swindle bill. What planet has this fool been living on for the last few years? Is he a COMPLETE fool? I know most liberals aren’t very smart, or they wouldn’t be liberals. But this? What kind of a fool IS he? What kind of fools does he take us for? A bill containing 382,000 words cannot be described by ANYBODY with any intelligence, as “small and modest.”

INVOLVED READERS AT 10: I just heard a call to Rush Limbaugh about his “Rush Revere” book with a good idea for the next book. Which told Rush that, even at ten, his readers are “involved.” It was a very gratifying call, indeed. Not often can an author get such reader participation from readers, especially not among the ten-year-old crowd, and that gives him hope for the future. Me, too.

JOBS CREATION DISASTER: Only 74,000 non-farm jobs created in the last month could only be described by people with any intelligence at all as a “disaster.” But Obama celebrates it. Labor force participation is at an all time low, with more people “giving up” on ever finding a job and stopping looking reduces the labor force so that the remaining number of job-seekers becomes a smaller percentage of the whole. Meanwhile, Obama takes credit for “an improving job market” while the REAL number is 37% (if you include those who gave up).

PROPAGANDIZE THE CHILDREN: Vladmir Lenin (the “father of communism in Russia, for those who don’t know) once said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I’ve sown will never be uprooted.” He also said, “Give us a child for eight years and he will be a Bolshevik forever.” Insert your favorite word for “Bolshevik” and you now know why the liberals work so hard to control our schools and what is taught there.

THE DIFFERENCE: Ann Coulter gives us a good description of the difference between MSNBC and Fox News. It’s incomplete, but it gives us the right idea. She says MSNBC would never break a story about Democrat scandal, while Fox has, in the past done the same against a Republican when it reported George bush’s arrest for drunk driving. That’s the long way to say that Fox reports BOTH SIDES, and doesn’t hide stories that might hurt consevatives. And that’s what liberals hate.

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