Friday, January 31, 2014

"War On Women"--BS!

Liberal Democrats talk a lot about a “war on women” that seems to be going on in this country, but it’s all bulldung. It’s part of their wish to fool us all into believing in one of their latest scams. The truth is, there IS no “war on women” anywhere but in the Democrat Party. What Obama doesn’t want you to know is HE pays his female workers LESS that he pays men. If there’s a “war on women,” HE’S practicing it.

STATE OF THE COUP…ER, UNION PHONY: I don’t believe I’ve ever seen so many lies come out of one politician’s mouth in a row as when Zero (Obama) gave yet another “tissue of lies” billed as the “State of the Union speech.” It was nothing but a “dog and pony show” designed to make us think, “all is well,” when it is NOT.

DEMOCRATS RACIST: Why do Democrats keep on pushing the idea that Republicans are the party of racists, when that title belongs unalterably to THEM? They fought the Equal Rights Amendment, tooth and nail. The Republicans fought FOR it, and got it passed in spite of the Democrats' best efforts. This is not something a racist party does. Top Democrat members of Congress were members of the KKK in the past, some of them top “officers.”  They’re really twisting it to call Republicans racist. But  that’s what they do.

AMANDA KNOX TRIED AGAIN: How many more times are Italian “authorities” going to put Amanda Knox through the agony of this? They’ve now tried her TREE TIMES for the murder of her roommate. I don’t know if she’s guilty or not, and neither do they, after three trials. So far the score is even: one guilty verdict and one innocent. Now they’re trying her yet again. Will it be guilty or innocent? (Update: she was convicted AGAIN the third time around) If guilty, will we be forced to extradite her? Could the same thing happen here? I thought an “innocent” verdict was final. Apparently not in Italy. They can just keep on trying you over and over until they get you.

DON’T NEED IT, BUY IT ANYWAY: That’s what Obamacare is all about: forcing those who don’t need a lot of health care insurance to buy at inflated prices to  pay for the services older people NEED. That’s “ripping off” young people to benefit old people (and I'm an "old person"). It’s not right, but when did that ever stop liberals before? They believe in socialism or some form of it, and they want to force it on ALL of us, whether or not we want any part of it.

PAYING PEOPLE NOT TO WORK: That’s what Obama is all about, now. He declared in his “State of the Coup…er, Union” speech that “all is well.” The economy is “roaring back,” although it isn’t. "Unemployment is improving apace," although it isn’t, and we need to again increase the length of time we pay people not to work. He told us Obamacare is now “fixed,” although it is NOT, and never will be. But that’s how he wants it so he can blame capitalism and move us into socialism.

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