Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Violating the Constitution

Obama (Zero) is about the most arrogant “president” ever. Amid his MANY violations of the Constitution, he has now vowed to :”make law without the Congress.” That’s patently unconstitutional. It's ILLEGAL, in fact. This IS grounds for impeachment. When is somebody going to grow a pair of gonads and DO something about his arrogant fool ignoring of the BASIS for ALL our laws? Damn, I get tired of saying that! Wake UP, Washington! Obama is NOT your king! This fool needs to be “slapped down. NOW, not later!

AFGHANISTAN WAR WILL BE OVER! Right; for him, maybe. He says that soon thousands of American troops in Afghanistan will come home and the war in Afghanistan will be over. Dream on, Zero! The war might be over for US when our troops come home with HIS tail between their legs, but it won’ be over for Afghans. It will continue on as the newly strengthened Taliban takes over, returning to their previous prominence. Karzai will be gone, maybe dead. And Islamic rule will return. They’ve been “laying low” until we leave, and now they’ll do what they wish.

WILL HE BE LYING? Pundits are asking the question: “Will Obama be lying in his State of the Coup…er, uh, Union address?” The answer is, OF COURSE. He lies every time he opens his mouth, so why should this address be any different? How do you tell when Obama is lying? That’s easy. His mouth is moving and sounds are coming out. Simple. Why does the media (including Fox),even need to ASK that question? They KNOW he's lying.

STOP SPYING ON SPYING: Obama wants to take steps to stop “spying on his spying on everybody.” That’s the latest. “As the Obama administration considers ending the storage of millions of phone records by the National Security Agency, the government is quietly funding research to prevent eavesdroppers from seeing on whom the U.S. is spying, The Associated Press has learned.” Damn! It just ain’t right! Spying on the spies? Damn! Hang the perps high!

STEALING MORE OF YOUR MONEY: Obama has just stolen more of your money and given it to “federal workers.” He did it by raising federal workers’ minimum wage rate to $10.10. do you know how many MILLIONS of dollars out of your pocket and INTO the pockets of federal employees that is? And he did it not with a law passed by Congress and signed by the president as required by law and the Constitution. He did it with an executive order signed by him. Nobody else.

AGAIN UNEMPLOYMENT WENT DOWN: While at the same time the number of unemployed went up. Again. How could that be? It’s simple: millions more people GAVE UP on ever finding a job and left the job market. When they do that, the government stops counting them. The “job market” now contains fewer people, making that number smaller and the PERCENTAGE still unemployed is a larger PERCENT of that now smaller total. Simple “fudging” of the numbers.

NO GAYS HERE! That’s what the mayor of Sochi, Russia, says. What he doesn’t say is why. The reason is his cops have killed them all. Those who admit it, anyway. But I’d bet there are a lot more that won’t admit it, as long as being gay is a death sentence. Iran’s Ahmadinijerk said the same, for the same reason. They killed all they could find. A newsman said he knew personally some of them and Ahmadinijerk said, “Oh? What are their names and addresses?” What he didn’t say is, “So we can find them and kill them.

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