Monday, January 6, 2014

Who Cares What NYT Thinks?

The New York Times now says Edward Snowden should be given clemency for revealing some of our most carefully-guarded secrets. Who cares? They’re on the way out, anyway, along with all the rest of the liberal newspapers (which pretty well describes ALL of them), NYT thinks it’s still “the last word” in anything. But it is no longer. We’re onto them. They went too far with that lying story about Benghazi.

SNOWDEN IS A WHISTLEBLOWER: He has revealed secrets that have been defined as “top secret” by the Obama administration to cover up Obama’s crimes. But since Obama makes the rules and defines what is, and is not “treason,” he now has to live in Russia under an already socialist state. I think, considering the above item, I should make this clear.

“TOP SECRET”: The power to describe information as “secret” is a power that is being abused by Obama and his criminal accomplices. Anything that can “bring him down” has been declared “secret” so we cannot even KNOW about his crimes. And he extends that ability to keep us from knowing ANYTHING about his past, including his birthplace. This man thinks he is a king in everything but name, and we dare not reveal anything against him.

FIDDLING WHILE ROME BURNS”: Updated. Obama “vacations while his signature law destroys America.” He couldn’t care less that Obamacare is destroying the very fabric of this country. It is accomplishing what he set out to do, helping him move us ever closer to socialism. He couldn’t be happier and I’ll bet part of his plan is a way to remain in office after Jan. 20, 2017. His Majesty King Barack I will never go away. He hopes to find a way to avoid DEATH as an end to his oppression.

LET’S BE CLEAR ABOUT THIS: Some people say I’m against gay marriage, and they’re right. I’m against the USE of the WORD “marriage to describe a contract gays make between them to give them the SAME protections as are enjoyed by married people. I am NOT against them making such a contract. I AM against usurping the WORD “marriage.” So let’s get this straight and quit twisting my words. I don’t give a tinker’s damn what they do in their bedrooms. Just don’t try to steal a good word to describe it.

INSURANCE BAILOUT NEXT? They’re gonna need it. Obama is screwing their business up like “Hogan’s goat.” And like in most cases where the government screws people’s business up, Obama commits billions of dollars of OUR money to help them because “they’re too big to fail.” That’s not true, but Obama uses it as an excuse to prop up the institutions he has ruined—for a while—with OUR money. Until it works to his favor to let them fail. He doesn’t care how much money he spends to cover his incompetence, it’s not HIS.

ABOLISH PRIVATE PROPERTY: Have you ever noticed that the people who want to abolish private property have a lot of it themselves? The owner of the “Rolling Stones” magazine (who stupidly put the Boston bomber on his cover) now says we should. I suggest we start with HIS. Send it to ME. What makes these FOOLS think they have the right to take property away from people who have EARNED it and give it to people who have not? As someone once said, “The trouble with socialism is you soon run out of other people’s money.”

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