Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Stop Killing Christians (For Now)"

Until we gain control, anyway, “Ayman al-Zaahiri, al-Qaida’s current leader (until we kill him) says, “To kill Christians right now isn’t going to help us establish an Islamic state in Egypt, and it only gives Americans things to use against us.” What goes unsaid is “wait until we’re in control, THEN kill Christians.” Actually, they’re not “giving us ammunition.” That’s the way they ARE: intolerant of other religions to the extreme, and we merely report it. So they need to be told to wait to kill Christians until they are in control.

HOW CLEAR CAN WE BE? The Second Amendment is VERY clear. It says, unequivocally, that “NO LAW can be made restricting the ownership of guns.” What part of that do these fool politicians not understand when they make their useless laws that only provide illegally armed criminals with an unending supply of unarmed victims? Yes, they DID mention “a militia,” which, in their time, meant ALL the people. State and other organized militias did not exist at the time so they couldn't have meant that. So that part of the amendment does not apply. How hard is that t understand?

HOW ABOUT THAT? And we thought this was a free country! Now the feds have graciously allowed Google and others to let us know when (six months after) they accede to their demands for personal information about us. Isn’t that precious? How many other things like that have they covered up by not allowing people to talk about what they’re doing to us?

THAT’S JUST ORFUL! Dennis McGuire suffered for twenty minutes before he died and people are whining about that. I don’t think he suffered enough, considering what he did to his victim in the crime that led to his execution. He raped Joy Stewart vaginally and anally, threw her from a car, choked and stabbed her. She suffered much more pain for a much longer time than he. It’s too bad they couldn’t kill him quick enough to keep it from being painful, but I find it difficult to care under the circumstances.

ON “DEAF EARS?” They say Obama’s speech on global warming might “fall on deaf ears.” Ya think? Global warming has been proven, may times, in many ways, to be a hoax that has enriched its proponents, mostly AlGore, former vice president and top con man  (and now Obama). He flies around in his private jet, polluting the atmosphere, telling people all about how OTHER PEOPLE are polluting the atmosphere and they ought to give him money so he can stop it. What a damned FOOL. He changed the name of his con to "climate change" when it was found the globe hasn't been "warming" for more than 15 years.

COW FARTS EXPLODE: I’m not kidding! A buildup of methane gas in a barn in Germany is blamed for the explosion that damaged the barn and injured one of the cows. What I want to know is how the methane gas could build up unless that barn was virtually airtight. But “cow farts” causing a big explosion? You can’t make this stuff up, folks! Of course it took the farts of 90 flatulent cows to do it, along with an electrical charge. I guess that means we’ll now be saddled with “regulations” to keep flatulent cows from destroying their barns here.

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