Monday, January 27, 2014

New York Super Bowl

That’s what they’re calling it, even though it’s going to happen in Jew Jersey. New Jersey is ignored by the world, just as Oakland, California is ignored. Driving down I-5 north of Oakland, it’s as if Oakland doesn’t exist. All signs tell you how many miles to San Francisco and ignore Oakland entirely. New Jersyites are miffed by this and say so at every opportunity—and I don’t blame them.  New York will get a large part of the money to be made by the Super Bowl without having to spend as much money to prepare.

DINESH DESOUSA: POLITICAL PRISONER: Dinesh DeSousa, who made a video that told the truth about Obama, has been indicted on “election fraud” charges for his trouble. This is a good example of what happens to you if you do something that really does hurt Obama’s plans. And to make matters worse, his bail is more than 9 violent criminals charged with murder, rape, and mayhem, at half a million dollars.  This is what happens to people who REALLY do something to irritate Obama.

“CRACK DOWN MORE!” That’s what Chuckie Schumer says. They need to go after the Tea Parties even more than they already have in the IRS, even if it IS illegal. Nothing the Tea Parties have ever done is illegal, but people like Chuckie still think they should go after them even more. That would be nice if there were actually an “organization” called the “Tea Party.” But the TP is just an idea about what these people stand for. He says they have spent millions in “unrevealed” money to hurt Democrats. Of course, that money is “unrevealed” because it doesn’t have to be, since this government has “stonewalled” their applications for tax-free status for so long.

He has announced his intention to do many things to “stop global warming” after global warming has been proven many times to be a scam. The globe has NOT been “warming” for more than 15 years. Global warming fools call that a “pause” in the warming of the globe. I’d call that more than a “pause.” I’d call it an ENDING. But they continue to hold onto their “flights of fancy,” especially since it means they can con more money out of gullible Americans. Unfortunately for them, America is “waking up” to their con. Obama is behind times. But he’s so “out of touch’ he doesn’t know it.

WILL THEY EVER LEARN?  Raising the minimum wage kills jobs. Statistics prove it. But liberal politicians ignore such statistics and go right on and do it. Just about everything Obama does kills jobs. One spectacular example is the Keystone Pipeline. There is no INTELLIGENT reason why that project cannot go ahead. It creates many jobs and helps us to become independent of the oil Sheiks in the Middle East, who hate us. He makes as many restrictive regulations as he can to get in the way of oil fracking, which has proven to be safe, practical, and cost effective. What’s WRONG WITH THIS FOOL?

At least that’s what he tells us; and just as usual, it’s a LIE. He and the democrats LOVE polarization; they work hard to CREATE it. They THRIVE on it. Every time they can get us fighting amongst ourselves, especially on unimportant subjects, they benefit. He talks about “unity” and “cooperation,” but what he means is agreeing with HIM. “Cooperation,” to him, IS agreeing with him. Cooperation is two wolves and one sheep holding a vote on what’s for dinner.

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